My Fascination with 1984

Those of you who have been reading my blogs faithfully, knows that there are blogs that I make reference to George Orwell’s book, “1984.”  Well, I feel that I should come clean with you all and show why I’m so fascinated with that book.  I want to be someone that you can believe in.  I don’t want to steer you wrong.

Let us begin way back when George Orwell first published his book, “1984.”  It was 1948 when Mr. George Orwell wrote that book.  So in a way it was a play of words.  Think about it: 1948/1984.  Do you see it?

When George Orwell first wrote that book, he had written it as a mere science fiction.  It was not meant to be a prophecy.  That is just coincident.

Mr. George Orwell hails from England.  Thus 1984 takes place in England.  It was written shortly after WW2.

If you know your history, you should know that Hitler was in charge of Germany and was conquering Europe.

Now Hitler was a Socialist/Nazi.

The lead character was a rebel who was out fighting big Government; which in the book was big brother.

Now let us flash forward to the 1984.

It was the year that I graduated from high school.  My high school English teacher, Mr. Nelson, made a recommendation to the Seniors.  He said, “Since you all are graduating this year, if anyone will read the book, “1984”, and do a report on it for extra credit; it will help your grades.

Now Mr. Nelson sometimes had weird taste in reading materials.  Some of his books that he chose was hard to like.

I have to admit, I was game to go ahead and read that book.

During the year, 1984, the book, “1984” went back to the #1 spot on the bestseller list.  I guess people felt drawn to read that book; just to see if there is some truth to that book.  It became more than just science fiction then.  It became almost like a prophecy.

I mean, some of the things that George Orwell was talking about wasn’t quite happening yet.  The signs were there for that book to come true.

The biggest threat in 1984 was Russia and Communist. What kept the prophecy from being a reality was Ronald Reagan.  He was the last great Republican President.  Some say that Reagan was responsible for weakening the old Soviet Union stronghold.  We all know that it was Reagan who told Gorbachev, tear down that wall.  He was referring to the Berlin Wall.

Do you see the connection so far?

Now if you were to read “1984” today, you might be deathly afraid.  A book that once started out as mere science fiction had somehow turned into a downright prophecy.

Some say that a person should also read George Orwell’s book, “Animals Farm.”  Both of those books seems to be getting it right with today’s society.  They are not the only reading that seems to nailed the problems going on in today’s world.

A person should read the “Left Behind” series.  Is it fiction or prophecy?

I say to help better understand it; I recommend studying the book of Revelation.

In Revelation, as in “Left Behind,” “1984”, and “Animals Farm”, the theme was one world government and big brother is watching.  Big brother is the fake news media.

Like I said earlier, “1984” took place in England.  Now what is going on right now in Europe?  Europe is slowly becoming a one world government.  That is something that Adolf Hitler strived for during WW2.   He had failed, but his legacy lives on.

In “1984”, United States wasn’t mentioned.  Yet during Pres. Obama’s Presidency, he was striving to bring the United States into that one world government.

I think what keeps United States from becoming part of the one world government is that the American people still loves and stands for freedom.  I believe that is why Donald Trump was elected because of his promise to make America Great again.

He was recently criticize for telling the Prime Minister of England that they should drop out of the Euro-union.

The lead character in “1984”, is very much similar to me.  He hated and feared big government.  He was a rebel, like I am with my blogs, and Trump is a rebel himself.

I’m so glad that the whole prophecy of that book hasn’t quite come true so far.  Because if it did, the government and fake news media would try to shut me down or maybe have me killed.

That was what happened with the lead character in “1984”.  Big Brother tried to stop him but if I remembered correctly, they failed.

That was also what happened with the lead character in “Left Behind” as well.

Remember in “Left Behind” and Revelation, it was the anti-Christ.  We all know what happens to the anti-Christ?  The devil is defeated in the end when Jesus Christ returned again.  There shall be a new heaven and a new earth.

So if I seems to be fascinated with “1984” it’s only because I’m against big government and organized religion controlling our every moves.  That was one of the reason I became a Reagan Republican. That is also one of the reason I voted for Donald Trump and why I still like him today.  I’m against the Establishment.

For those who probably doesn’t know, the Drudge Report started out small.  They had a story that broke wide open and today they are very popular globally.

My blogs may be small now, but who knows when it will goes viral.

For as long as I can, I will continue writing my blogs.  No one will knows who I will goes after next.