Made for Each Other

Before we all heard of Al Gore and his so-called “Global Warning,”  there was his wife at the time, now ex-wife, Tipper Gore.  You may ask who is she?

You know those pesky warning labels on the CD’s, cassettes, and records?  Well you can thank Tipper Gore for that.

During the late ’70’s and early ’80’s she fought to put warning labels on the music we listened to.  The warning labels was to warn parents of the type of music their kids are listening to.  If the music has too much sexual or violence contexts a warning label was put on it.

It goes to show that Al and Tipper Gore were made for each other.  They were 2 peas in a pod.  They both are Socialist, who wants to control every aspect of our lives.

During that time that she was fighting to put warning labels on the music we listened to, singers were stopping to put a stop to her crazy ideas.  There were too many singers to name.

There is one singer that I will mentioned though.  You will be surprised to hear this too.  That singer was the late John Denver; and his song was, “Rocky Mountain High.”

Tipper Gore felt that song promotes drugs, because of the getting the high part.  When really, that song was all about getting high on nature.  John Denver was a clean cut folks singer.  “Rocky Mountain High” was pop folks song of the ’70’s  It was about enjoying the beauty of nature and the Rocky Mountain.  It was about Colorado. Where in the world does it have to deal with getting high on drugs?

So many times people would misinterpret songs before actually listening to them.  They will think the worse of them or vice a versa.

There is a song by Florida/Georgia Line called “Holy.”  No it’s not a Gospel song!  Holy is an acumen for “high on loving you.”  They did have a song though that certain people felt was inappropriate though.  That song was “Sun Daze.”   I listened to it and didn’t find anything inappropriate about it.  It goes to show that some people will make a mountain out of a molehill.

This blog is about warning labels.  Some warning labels are very much needed.  Yet putting warning labels on what we listened to is a form of controlling us even more.

What gets me is this?  These so-called religious leaders don’t like it when the Government tries to control them.  Yet, they are so much in favor of controlling others.  They back up Tipper Gore fight for warning labels.

Throughout history these religious leaders try to control the people that our Socialist Government tries to do as well.  They wants you to live according to their rules.  In the Bible, Jesus called them self-righteous hypocrite.

As I said in my blog on the Salem witchcraft trial, it was the religious leaders of that days that were persecuting and burning witches that they accuse of witchcraft.

During the roaring ’20’s, it was the religious leaders who was responsible of the prohibition on alcohol.  You know what happened there.  Crime rose under people  such as Al Capone, Babyface Nelson, and many others.

Then in the ’50’s when television first came out at the same time as Elvis started out.  When he was on TV, the religious leaders didn’t want TV to show him shaking his hips.  They felt it was too sexual.

Now look how far we have come.  I mean today’s female singers when they perform live or on TV, they will wear practically nothing.  It doesn’t leaves anything to the imagination.

So you see all putting warning labels on,  did was desensitize us.  We should knows what is right and wrong, if we were taught right growing up.  Because we are becoming a  desensitize nation, we are losing the touch of what is right or wrong; thus making us easy target for the Socialist Government to control every aspect of our lives.

Now back to Al and Tipper Gore.  If you remember the 2000’s election, Al Gore tried to disassociate himself from the Clintons.  The topic was family values, and that was one of the reason why George W. Bush was elected.

Anyway, during the Democratic convention, both Al and Tipper Gore made a big scene to prove their point.  They practically made out during the convention after Al Gore had gotten the nomination to run for President again Bush.

Now look at them.  What happened to their so-called marriage?  They are no longer a couple.  Al Gore tried to show that he was nothing like Bill Clinton.  Well, the truth came out and he too was having an affair on Tipper.

As bad a President as George W. Bush was, I have to admit it could had been worse under Al Gore. I believe that he would had done nothing after 9/11.  Him and Tipper would finds ways to control us even more.  They  would had been another Obama.

Al Gore strongly believe in global warning; which I feel is a hoax made up by him and his people.

Tipper Gore would had continued looking for ways that she could control us as well.  She wouldn’t just stop at putting warning labels on what we listened to.

They as well as all Socialist believe that we should do as they say not as they do.  Al Gore complain about global warning and yet he stills fly around in his fancy jet.

So the next time you buy a CD and you sees the warning labels on them; just thanks Tipper Gore and the religious leaders of the late ’70’s and early ’80’s.