Ed Schultz: A Real Hothead


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As you probably heard already, that blowhard Ed Schultz had passed away.  You only heard part of the story.  As Paul Harvey would say, “Here is the rest of the story.”

The reason for this picture is for a reference to the red hair.

You heard people say, “People with red hair is known to have a temper.”  Some say people with red hair can be a hot head.

The news media did actually admit that he can be a hot head.  But they didn’t admit that he was a blow hard.

I was in high school back in Hawley, MN; when I had my first encounter with Mr. Ed Shultz.  His dark red hair stood out in my memory.

The reason why he came to Hawley High School was for a pep rally, because the Hawley Nuggets; either football or basketball were doing very well that season.

I also remembered that Ed Schultz wasn’t very nice.  He was pretty much a jerk.

They failed to acknowledge his ex-wife, Maureen Zimmerman.  She was the mother of their son, pro-golfer, David Schultz.

I first met Maureen Zimmerman when I was a teenager during the summer. Before starting my summer job, we went to seminar where we would meet up with prominent people and interview them.

Now Maureen Zimmerman was the total opposite of Ed Schultz.  She was so nice.  The best advice that she gave me was, “get your foot in the door.  It doesn’t matter where you start.  Once you get in, you can work your way up.”

Both Maureen Zimmerman and Ed Schultz lived in Texas before moving back home in Fargo, ND.  They worked together at KTHI before moving to WDAY.

I heard that Ed Schultz was abusive to Maureen Zimmerman.

Someone as sweet as her, why did she put up with him?  They were total opposite.  It goes to show that opposite attract.

I’ll never forget this one evening that I was watching WDAY news.  You can tell that they were having trouble with their marriage.  It was toward the end of the broadcast. Ed was talking and Maureen just gave him the look.  The look I’m talking about here was: as if she was saying, “Oh shut the …up!!”

Shortly after that news report, Maureen Zimmerman left WDAY and went to work for Concordia College as a professor.  Their marriage also fell apart at the same time.

It goes to show, that a person shouldn’t be involved with their co-workers.  It only leaves bad blood.  If that relationship falls apart, it’s hard to work them.  They both denied it though.

I was working at the Fargo Country Club and lot of the members and staff could not stand Ed Schultz.  They adored Maureen Zimmerman though.

I even heard that some of the people were very much upset with their son, David.  The reason: he transferred from Shanley High School to Fargo South to be a star football player.  The only reason why he got that position was because who he was.  So you can say there was probably jealousy.

It goes to show, when it comes to the rich and famous, it’s who you knows that get ahead in life.  The poor working class people has to struggle daily to get ahead.  Whereas the rich kids get a cushy job at the country club or is easily considered first for a job that you may be more qualified for.

I have more respect for young people who actually work hard and pull themselves up by the boots than I do for those who have everything handed to them with a silver spoon.  Then when you inherit, you earn it.

Now back to Ed Schultz.

He was a Strong Republican with a conservative voice on radio for WDAY.  He had a fishing show also on WDAY.  Dana Mock was right to say that Ed was a role model.

Ed Schultz even went to work for KFGO talk radio.  He even contemplate running for congress because he was upset with Washington.  In a way, you could say that he was another Donald Trump.

He was always a blowhard and real hot head.  Even when he met his second wife.  It was her that got him to change from being a Conservative Republican to a Leftist.  That was when he went to MSNBC and his fame really took off.

Some will say, “did he sell himself to the highest bidder and turn coat?”

It goes to show that he had some get up and go.  If you want something bad enough; you cannot be afraid to fight for it.

Am I’m saying that I will sell out to the highest bidder if my blogs ever goes viral and I too become famous?  I don’t know if I will ever become a Leftist.

So in a way both Ed Schultz and Maureen Zimmerman were good examples for me.

Before Ed Schultz died he was working for Russian radio/TV.

After Trump was elected President, the faked news and the Democrats cried foul and is still trying to say that the Russian rigged our election.

Why isn’t anyone saying, “Did the Russian have Ed Schultz killed?”

This sounds just as stupid as what they are saying about the Russian rigging the 2016 election for Trump to win the election.