Plenty of Pawlenty

He’s at it again.  It looks like Minnesota former Governor Tim Pawlenty is making another run for Governor.  He didn’t get the Republican’s nomination; so he is running in next month primary, in hoping to steal the election.

I hope that the people of Minnesota will be smart enough not to vote for Tim Pawlenty in the Primary.  I hope that they remembered being in the RED, when he was Governor.  He was the worst governor that Minnesota had in recent years.  

He was even worst than Jesse Ventura.

When Jesse Ventura was elected governor, no one expected it.  For one, he was an Independent.  For two, no one took him seriously, like Ross Perot.  Finally, the people thought that Humphry would win on his name alone.

Well, Humphry ended up taking third place in that election.  Jesse Ventura beat Norm Coleman by only one vote.

I’m counting on the Minnesota’s people to be smarter this time around.  I’m hoping that they remembered how bad it was when Tim Pawlenty was Governor.

I hope they enjoyed being in the black now thanks to Gov. Mark Dayton.

Yes, this Republican is praising Mark Dayton; who happens to be a Democrat.

Mark Dayton had done a lot of good to undo the damage left behind by Tim Pawlenty.  He was not a career politician.  He was businessman first.  Remember, his family owned the Dayton’s stores.

A businessman will makes better governor than lawyers and career politicians.  If they can run a business, they can run the government.

One good thing that Michelle Bachman did when she ran for President in 2012 was knocked Tim Pawlenty out of the race. Tim Pawlenty would been another George W. Bush.

Believe me, I was not a fan of Bachman.  I just like her better than Pawlenty.

Tim Pawlenty had hurt the state of Minnesota when he was governor.  Now thanks to Gov. Dayton, Minnesota is in the black.

The state should focus on moving forward and build their surplus; rather than going backward by voting for Pawlenty.

Tim Pawlenty isn’t the only candidate that just won’t go away.  There are others.  Like him, they must loves the power that comes with being Governor.  They must enjoy being in the limelight.  They must loves all the attention they get for being a career politician.

There is a local state Senator from Fargo, ND.  I’m talking about Al Carlson.  The Liberal blogger, Mike McFeely, was accused of being harsh on Carlson.  I’m glad that he did.  The Republicans should be even harsher on Carlson.

Al Carlson didn’t like Gov. Doug Burgum.  When Burgum wore jeans to a meeting; it was Carlson who made a big stink out of it.  I’m glad that Burgum stood up to Al Carlson and stood his ground to be more casual.

So Al Carlson should goes away along Tim Pawlenty.

We all know that they won’t though.  They enjoyed the attention they get by being in the government.

Those 2 are not the only 2 that we had plenty of.  There are others as well.  They are just too numerous to name them all.

It can’t be for the money alone.  A person doesn’t make that much as governor, senator, or congressmen.  The money comes from speaking engagements, writing books, even getting kickbacks from lobbyist.

Maybe any money that these lobbyist contribute to our politicians should be taxed.  Right now they are exempt from paying taxes from their donation/bribes.

This is why both Bill and Hillary Clinton just won’t go away. This is why Tim Pawlenty wants to be governor again.  It’s not for the people. It’s to lined his own pockets.

Most recently, Mitch McConnell was upset because the protester were harassing him, back in his home state.  They should harass him.  He needs to step down as Senator.  He is too old and been in Washington way too long.  He’s out of touch with what the American people needs.

This is why we needs term limits for our congressman and senator.  They also needs to do something about these lobbyist buying candidate off.  Maybe make them pay taxes over their  buyout.

So people in Minnesota, when you go to vote in your primary next month, don’t be stupid and vote for Tim Pawlenty again.  If you want the state to continue to move forward, you will not vote for Pawlenty.  Tell Tim Pawlenty that you had plenty of him when he was governor.

Don’t be stupid now!!  You were stupid when you elected Ventura as governor.  If you let Pawlenty gets the nomination and if you even elect him again as governor, you get what you deserve.  You will end up going backward instead forward.