We’re not all free!!

WIN_20180701_19_49_11_Pro      In honor of the 4th of July, I’m forever grateful for those who fought and even some who had died for our freedom.  This is what the flag that is on my shirt stands for.  It’s because out of due respect for the flag, we stand during the National Anthem.

Yet, we are not all free!!

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President.  He was President during the Civil War.  The Civil War came about in 1860’s to free the slaves.  The South didn’t want that because it meant giving up their property and laborers.

Even though, slavery was abolished back then, we still have slavery to this day.  It’s just a different form of slavery.

I’m not talking about sex slaves either.  That’s a whole different blog altogether.

We are all created equal according to the Constitution.  All men are to be free.

It’s funny, it was a Republican who fought to free the slaves and even fought for Civil Rights for the blacks.  Yet the Democrats is trying to claim the fact that they were responsible for the Civil Rights movement.  It was the Democrats who didn’t want to free the slaves.  It was the Democrats who was behind the KKK.

This is not about black being slaves.  This is even a bigger subject than that.

As the title stated, we’re not all free.  The 1% still holds all the cards over the 99%.

The best movie of recent years I would say goes to the movie, “The Help.”  That movie was based during the ’60’s but still is very true today.   The rich wants to control how much the working class gets.  They also wants to be able to work us like a dog(slave).

Having an union can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing.

Like I said before, the Government wants to keep us poor; that way they can control us  better.  We dare not oppose the tyrants, the 1%.

The last Presidential election was a sign that the United States was in the midst of another Civil War.  The American people took a stand against the our government and our career politicians by electing Donald Trump for President.  This is only the beginning though.

The cost of freedom is not cheap.  There is a hefty price to pay for that freedom.  Many had lost their lives for that freedom that is taken for granted.  The flag still stands for freedom and that cannot be taken away.

The big question that is on everyone’s mind is.  How can we all be free?

By continuing taking a stand against those who would continue to treat their workers as slaves.

I recently had a job in which I was treated as a slave.  Even last Halloween I wore a slave costume to make a statement.  Instead of showing true appreciation, they just give you a piece of paper saying, we appreciate you.  True appreciation comes with a raise or bonus.

Years ago, employers took better care of their employees.

Like I said, the cost for freedom isn’t cheap.  There is a price to pay for true freedom.

Some may never be free until they retire.  Some hope to wins the powerball to finally be free from the old ball and chain.

True freedom comes from the Lord.  He died on the cross for our freedom.  He paid a hefty price for us all.

At my last job, they would say the hours were flexible.  Flexible, ya right!!  A person must be at the manager beck and call.  You cannot have a life.  If you had time off, you couldn’t afford it.  The manager knew that and thus treating the employees like slaves.

Believe me there is jobs like that too.  Like in the movie, The Help.  That movie should had won an Oscar for best picture.

I recently found my freedom.  So there is hope for those who wants true freedom from their slave masters.

Just like in the movie, The Help, those fighting for their freedom finally found it in the end by sharing their stories.  I especially like the scene where Octavia Spencer’s character made a pie out of her “shit”.

How many people doesn’t think of doing that to those who treats us like slaves?

I have this saying on my wall that said, “When my ships comes in, it’s not getting away.”  Well folks my ship came in recently.  So there is hope for freedom out there.  There is better jobs with better pay out there.  It’s just a matter of getting it at the right time.

I remember the best advice I got was from Maureen Zimmerman.  She told me to get your foot in the door.

I still have to work to pay my bills, eat, and even pay taxes though.  That is where the Government keeps us as slaves.  The income taxes was created by the Democrats.