Who’s watching our Children?

Early this year there had been at least 2 incident in which the Child Protective Service put children in harms way.

Isn’t it their jobs to protect the children from either being abused or killed?  What happened?

They sure didn’t do their job very well.

No child deserves to be abused!  It doesn’t matter what kinds of abuse either.

The incident that is still fresh on everyone minds is the incident in Fergus Falls, MN.  There were 2 young boys that was taken from their grandmother in Montana and put into Foster care.  It was while in that care, that one of the boy was killed by the foster dad.  He was killed by being physically abused to the point of death.

Don’t get me wrong parents should discipline their children!  There is a fine line between discipline and being abused.  That foster dad had stepped over that line when he killed that young boy.

I hope they lock him up for life; that way he won’t have anymore contact with other children.

At the same time, the Child Protective service agency should be also be heavily punish for putting those boys in harm ways.

What do you expect?  It’s a government agency.  Any government agency has more than their shares of problems.

Were they that desperate to find a home for those boys that they didn’t even screen the parents?  Is there that many kids out there without a home?  That they don’t truly bother doing background check.

There are children out there being put into a bad home because the Child Protective Agency isn’t doing there job properly.

You hear more and more child abuse incidents than you ever did when I was a child.  I’m not saying that there was no child abuse.  Back then it wasn’t talk about as much as it is now.  Child abuse was kept hush, hush.

Years ago, people knew their neighbors.  The neighbors help watched each other kids, as they play in their yards or even their house.

People doesn’t truly knows their neighbors like they used to.  We have a tendency to keep to ourselves.

They say that North Dakota is a good place to raise a family.  I want to know how is that possible?  Who is watching our kids?  Parents now days have to work 2-3 jobs just to make a living.  The children  are watching themselves.  They are not outside playing; but rather inside and the computers and TV are the built-in babysitter.

Now the computers can be used by predators to lure our children away to be abuse either sexually or physically.

Growing up, we never had a cell phone.  The family had a landline phone.  If you need or want to get a hold of your kids, you either called home, a neighbor or school, etc.  Now days kids have cell phones.  To me, kids shouldn’t have cell phone until they are old enough to get a job and help pay for it.  That is how they learn responsibility.

Sometimes, good parents would work it so that someone will be home with their children.  Either one working nights and one working days.

Then there are single parents trying to raise their kids and work at the same time.  It’s not easy.  Even day care have to do background check.

It was a different world back when I was a kid.  We rode bikes around the neighborhood without helmets; and we still survive.  If our parents needed to get a hold of us, they pretty much knew  how find us.  Neighbors watched out for one another.

I’m not saying there was no child abuse back then.  It just wasn’t talk about as much.  We were taught not to talk to strangers or get in their cars or home.

Now strangers weren’t the primary abusers.  The abusers were actually someone that the child knew and trusted.

Sometimes the abuse happened under the parents own noses.

When that happened, the children tried to cry out for help with no response.  A child will become uncomfortable around so and so.  Yet the parents had their blinders on.

For example:  when the abuser would comes to pick up the child at school or wherever, the child will feel uneasy to go with them.  Yet they couldn’t say anything out of fear.

Maybe the creep either lied on the application to become foster parents or had someone else filled out the paper; and then he would get those boys.

This is such a broad subject.  I could go on, but I think you get the message.