The Royal Wedding

Everybody loves a wedding.  It’s an emotional time.

Few weeks ago there was huge Royal wedding going  on in London, England.  Prince Harry finally tied the knot and married his princess.  It was a modern day Cinderella story.  It was the day that Megan Markel married her prince.

The press will have you believe that Megan Markel was the first American to marry into royalty.

How quickly they forget because they are not up on their history?

Megan Markel wasn’t the first American actress to marry into royalty.  That title goes to Grace Kelly.  I think either in the ’50’s or ’60’s Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer from Monaco.  She was the Princess Diana in her days.  Grace Kelly had more kids than Princess Diana.  She did had a tragic end to her life like Lady Diana though.  They both were killed in a car accident.

I think, but I’m not positive, Megan Markel is Canadian; whereas Grace Kelly was actually from the United States.

I’m not going to get to technical though.  I’m happy for Prince Harry and Megan Markel.  May they have a long happy marriage.  May the press and the paparazzi leaves them alone.  It was the paparazzi that killed Lady Diana over the Labor Day holiday in Paris, France.

Prince William and Prince Harry didn’t deserve to grow up without their mother.  Lady Diana would had love to see her sons get married.  They were her pride and joy.

I think Prince William looks like Diana and Prince Harry looks like Prince Charles.

Some people may wonder if there will be any rivalry between Megan Markel and Princess Kate.

I don’t think there will be, but it’s hard to say.

I think Prince William and Prince Harry were raised to be very close and so they remain close.  There doesn’t seems to be a rivalry between like so many sibling have.

Prince William had to kind of grow up fast after his mother was killed.  He had to look after his brother, Harry.  They both were raise and taught their part, when the time comes.  Prince William is third in line to become King behind Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth.  .

It doesn’t mean that Harry gets left out.

Prince Harry, just like, Prince William, both had a special memory shared at their wedding of their mother.  That’s how much they loved their mother.

I believe that Lady Diana would love Megan Markel as much as she would love Princess Kate.  She would adore her grandkids as well.

The preacher gave a very beautiful sermon at their wedding.  It was about love and unity.  It was the kind of message that Diana would be proud of.

Remember, Diana was loved by all, from all over the world.  She was everybody princess.

Maybe this was why the press seems to have forgotten about  Grace Kelly.  Diana lefts a lasting impression on us all.  Also, there is a different kind a relationship between the United States and England, and the United States and Monaco.

Whatever the reason, my heart and prayers goes out to Prince Harry and Megan Markel.  May they make Lady Diana proud, like I believe they will.  Both William and Harry got Diana’s heart and compassion.

I hope that their marriage will last longer than Diana and Charles and Fergie and Andrew.

I won’t go into detail about what I think happened to break them up.  This is a happy time.  It’s Prince Harry’s turn to finally be happy.  Both William and Harry deserves to be happy.  It was a long time coming.

Now a warning to the paparazzi, don’t do what you did that cause Lady Diana’s death.  Leave Harry and Megan alone and leave William and Kate alone.