Peace: Everybody Wants It

     Everybody wants peace.  We all strive for it.  

Yet true peace only comes from the Lord.  There is rumors of wars until Jesus returns.  We can have a peace of mind and a peace in heart; if we are right with Jesus.

Our veterans fought and died for our freedom and so we can have peace.  For that we are forever grateful.  That is why we honored those who passed away, on Memorial Day weekends.

I have found peace within myself.  One of the times that I found the peace was when I went to my real father’s grave, as part of a healing process.  The first time there, I couldn’t say a word; but I felt at peace.  It was almost like he knew why I was there, even though he was dead.

Another time was just before my step-dad died.  I felt at peace, the hurt and anger just slipped away.  The same thing happened when my step-brother, Bobby, had passed away.

Yet this blog is about a different kinds of peace.

As I said everyone wants peace.  They wants someone to keep us at peace.  Yet a majority of the people do not know the difference between peacekeepers and peacemakers.

Peacekeepers: do not address the issues at hands because they want a short term unity instead of a long term peace.  They leaves the elephant and the sleeping dog, and never rock the boat.

Peacemakers: wants to deal with the issues, preferably small so they don’t escalate into something big and destructive; so they can be seen as troublemakers.

In the Gospel of Matthew, in the Beatitudes, it said, “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall inherit the earth, not blessed are the peacekeepers.”

Growing up, I was taught to be a peacekeepers.  My mother wanted just for us to keep the peace.  She felt that it was best not to say anything.  It was better to keep the secrets than let it out.  She was the kind of person that didn’t want the neighbors or anyone else to know the truth.  All that did was just blew up emotionally.  It was just unhealthy, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  When things blew up, all hell broke lose.  The anger just burst like when a dike would it spring a leak and water just rapidly comes out quickly.

The evangelist Dwight Thompson had preached, that too many preachers are afraid to preach the truth, because they don’t want to offend someone.  They become peacekeepers rather than peacemakers, like they suppose to be.

This is what is wrong with the world today.  Everyone wants peace, but they don’t want to offend anyone.  They want to be peacekeepers.  Everything got to be politically correct.

I was once a peacekeepers growing up because that what good boys did.  Now, through my blogs, I come across as a troublemaker.  I’m striving to be a peacemaker.  If that makes me troublemaker, so be it.  The world may see me as a troublemaker; but I shall inherit the kingdom since I chose to be a peacemaker instead.

I would say that Pres. Trump is a peacemaker, not a peacekeeper.  That is one of the reason why I like him.  Matter of fact, I’m glad that I voted for him and will vote for him again.  He is not afraid to tell it like it is.  The people may hate him for it.

I have to admit, at first, I was scared that he would get us into a war.

Remember, even Pres. Reagan was considered a peacemaker.  Some of the people feared him too.  Yet, Reagan had kept us out of war.  the other countries were afraid and had respect for him.

The same goes with Pres. Trump.  The other countries and the terrorists are afraid to attack the United States, out of fear and respect for Trump.

To make America great again, we needs a strong leader.  I even think Putin even admired Trump over Hillary Clinton.  He had respect for Trump; whereas, Hillary and even Obama were laughing stock to the other countries.  They were even laughing at both George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush.  Those 4 didn’t command the admiration and respect.

Does that mean, Pres. Trump deserves a Nobel Peace prize?  That is still too early to tell.  Let us see what happen first.

I mean, why did Obama gets a Nobel Peace prize?  He didn’t do anything to deserve it.  The only reason they gave it to him was because he was the first black President.

True peace only comes from within.  Only the Lord can bring it about.  There will always be wars and rumors of wars.

Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of England, governed the country with an iron fist.  She had the respect of other countries because of it.  Her and Ronald Reagan were the best of friends, because they admired each others.

So if you want peace like everyone else, I recommend the true peace.  The peace that will last for eternity; not the temporary peace that the world seems to want.  Don’t be afraid to rattle a few cages and ruffle a few feathers.  We don’t need to sugarcoat the truth.