Barbara Bush: A Pearl of a Lady

As you now, former First Lady, Barbara Bush had passed away recently.  She was in her nineties.  I won’t say anything bad about her.  It doesn’t mean that her husband, George Bush, and her son, George W. Bush is off limits.  Even Jeb Bush isn’t off limit.  Both of the Bushes were two of the worst President, right down there with Jimmy Carter.

I have to say that Barbara Bush was probably the best first lady so far to date.  She didn’t try to control her husband like the others; especially Nancy Reagan.

She was a typical grandmother.  She was the kind of woman that you just got to admire.  She was always seen wearing a pearl necklace.  Thus the title of this blog.

The definition of a pearl is: any person like a pearl in beauty, value, etc.  Like the necklace that she always worn, she had that special value about her to admire.

As my mother would say, “she had such pretty white hair.”  She had a pearl like nature about her.

I was taught to respect my elders, and when it comes to someone like Barbara Bush, I have to admit it comes easy.  I think even my mother would had to admire her.

My mother had this rule when it came to picking up strangers.  She would usually pick up people she knows or if they happened to be an elderly lady and sometimes elderly gentlemen; but not as much.

I would say that Barbara Bush reminds me of my grandmother, Annie Heger, that type of personality.  My grandmother always will have a special place in my heart.  She helped raised me as my mother was a single mother, sometimes working 2-3 jobs to keep me fed and clothes.  My grandmother loved all her grandkids, some probably more than others.  Whenever I wanted something, all I needed to do was point to it and she would get it for me.  There was times, she would feed the squirrels while I watch.

One of my last memory of my grandmother was the time we were out walking either coming back from Northport or going.  She was run down and so we stopped by the side of the road in Fargo.  Soon someone stop to check on us and pick us up.  Shortly after, we were at the old Dakota Hospital, just before my grandmother passed away.

So you see, I can sympathized with Barbara Bush’s grandkids.

My grandmother also had pretty white hair like Barbara Bush.  My Aunt Rosella was a duplicate picture of my grandmother.  Even toward the end of my mother’s life, she started looking like my grandmother.

So these are the reasons I cannot say anything bad about Barbara Bush and will not talk bad about her.

It just makes a person wonder, how can someone with such sweet nature wind up with someone who is total opposite.  George Herbert Walker Bush was the worst president alongside his son, George W. Bush.  They both are down there with Jimmy Carter.  They didn’t finished the job when it came with the war with Iraq and it wasn’t handle right in the first place.

I never really knew my grandfather.  From the stories I was told, he wasn’t so nice.  He was abusive to my grandmother and to all the kids.

My grandmother was a pearl of a lady herself.  To some people who met my mother, they would say that she too was a pearl.

Whereas my grandfather and step-dad was a lump of coal that didn’t get polished enough to become a diamond in the rough.

A person may wonder what forever for to stay married to someone who is still a lump of coal.  Maybe that was why my grandmother and my mother was considered to be a pearl.  They had beauty and value in them to make them special enough to stand by their man.

Maybe that is why Barbara Bush was a pearl of a lady herself.  Not because she wore the pearl necklace.  She had such a good nature about herself.  She wasn’t after the power like the others first lady.  She was just willing to sit back and be a loving grandmother, mother and supporting  husband.  Even when her husband and children left something to be desired.

I believe that Barbara Bush is up in heaven watching over us all.  She got her angel wings along with her pearls.