Reverse Discrimination: Where’s the Justice?

2 weeks ago there was some interesting information involving racial discrimination in the media.  So I’m going to give my readers what they want and discuss them, then give you my opinion on them.  Be prepared, folks!

The first one I’m going to talk about is the incident involving Starbucks coffee.

First, I want to say, Starbucks did the right thing after what happened.  When they closed their business for a few hours to have a sensitive training.  We all need a little sensitive training.

Now let us get to what happened.

There was 2 black guys who entered Starbucks coffee shop and asked to used the restroom.  Now Starbucks had this policy, that only customers are allowed to used the restrooms.  Which make sense?

Anybody who works the service industry involving the customers knows that some people will complain no matter what.  If they don’t like the policy or whatever, they will complain.  Believe me, some customers can be rather rude too.

What blew this out of proportion was our Leftist news media.  Since they were 2 black guys, they news media had a field day with it.

Just think, if it was 2 white person who was told that, the fake news media wouldn’t had made such a big deal over it.  Unless of course they were 2 homosexual/lesbian.

Where is the justice in that?

I don’t want people to think that I’m racist; because I’m not.  The church I belong to is a multinational church.

The other incident that goes right along with this reverse discrimination involved Roseanne.

First, a little background.  We all knows that Roseanne is known for her big mouth and shooting it off before speaking.  I mean, even ABC network knew about it back when her hit show Roseanne first aired in the late ’80’s and ’90’s.  So this is nothing new.

When Roseanne show came back through a reboot, it went #1 fast. It was quickly renewed for a new season.

Well, anyway, Roseanne made a racial comment about someone who was a cabinet member of Pres. Obama that she probably shouldn’t had said.

I mean, who hasn’t said something they shouldn’t?   We all have done it.  Some even do it for money.  Believe me, in my blogs, I tell it like I see it.  If some people is offended, so what.  Some may be offended with this blog.

Anyway, even though the Roseanne show was renewed for another season after hitting #1 in reboot, ABC network cancelled her show because of her comments.

I’m not here to defend her.  I’m here to state where is the justice in this all?

What is good for goose is good for the gander.  People holler about equal rights but yet they seems to treat people of colors, women, or sexual orientation at a different standards.  They talk about the “Me-too” organization.  It seems like the Whites are now becoming the minority.

I used to have a little more respect for ABC over NBC and CBS, because they were less bias.  They actually tried to stick to the facts more.

After the firing of Roseanne, I lost some respect for ABC.  I mean, shouldn’t Whoopie Goldberg be fired for her comments she constantly make about Pres. Trump and all who voted for him?  How about Bill Maher, shouldn’t he also fired for his comments about Trump and his supporters?  Even Dan Rather, who was the king of fake news was totally bias.

The Leftist media makes a big stink about racial discrimination; but yet they themselves discriminate against Trump and all who voted for him.  They call us all kinds of names.  Are any of them reprimanded?

Hell no!!  They make fun of us and somehow some of their loyal viewers eat it up.

It’s time we the people stand up against these leftist media and fight for injustice of racial discrimination.  I like it when Trump does that.  I will continue doing that through my blogs.

I’m not downgrading what Roseanne said.  I’m not racist even though some may think since I voted for Trump or even support Roseanne that I must be racist.

So if the Leftist media is reading this, take heart.  We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!  When you fired Roseanne, you should also fire one of your own for doing the same thing against anyone of us.

This is so much like what happened in the book “1984′; which I will gives a little review later on in one of my blogs down the road.

I’m not upset with Starbucks.  They did do the right thing by having a sensitive training course.  We all need it.  I recently taught Sunday School on being more welcoming without being judgmental.  It went very well.  We could all use a little improvement.  That is how we can make America great again.  Equal justice for all: white, colors, men, women, gays, straights, and handicaps.