George Sinner: Saint or Sinner

As you already probably know, former Governor George Sinner had passed away at age 89.  His funeral was on Friday.  The fake news media, the Democrats, and maybe even his family may not want the whole truth out about him when he was governor and before.  They only tell one side of the story.

As Paul Harvey would say, “Here is the rest of the story.

They say that he was North Dakota best Governor.  I wouldn’t say that he was the best; but he wasn’t the worse either.

The best North Dakota Governor was Ed Shaffer so far.  Shaffer had done more for  North Dakota than Sinner.  It was because of Shaffer, we had the surplus.

My family has connection with the Sinners.  The Hegers were neighbor with the Sinner’s family in Casselton, ND.  I remember, on Memorial Day weekend, when my mother would goes to the cemetery to put wreath on her folks grave.  She also would stop by her old home place.  She even showed us where the Sinners had their farm; which wasn’t far from her old home place.

One of George Sinner’s brother was Father Richard Sinner.  When Richard Sinner was a youngster, he was somewhat involved with my Aunt Rosella, my mom’s sister.  They were about the same age, give and take.

Can you imagine if they would had gotten together, how the Hegers and the Sinners would had been related?

Instead, Richard Sinner went to seminary and became a priest; while George Sinner was in seminary and left, got married and entered the political realm.

George Sinner came from a big family and him and Jane had a big family.

I remember another time while at the Casselton cemetery, on Memorial Day, my mother introduced me to Father Sinner.  They talked like the old days.

In the Fall of 1984, while at NDSU, I met George Sinner while he was running for Governor.  I was a college Republican.  It was like he recognized my family name and our political difference was not the issue.  We just had that connection.

My mother admired the Sinners; but she had no respect for Governor Dahlrimple, who was also from Casselton.  She told me that he was the neighborhood bully.  They lived on the other side of the railroad crossing and opposite side where the Hegers and the Sinners lived.

George Sinner may been good for the farmers in the state.

Another thing my mother told me was that Father Sinner was a real party animal, for being a priest and all.  He loved his alcohol and his women.

Now back to George Sinner as governor.

Both him and his brother, Father Sinner were responsible of bringing in the illegal immigrants from Mexico.  They brought them in to work their farms.  This wasn’t talk much about by the fake news media, and you all know why.

Before the end of his terms as Governor, George Sinner had a chance to outlawed abortion in the state of North Dakota and close the only abortion clinic that was in Fargo.  All he had to do was sign the bill. He never did and chose not to.  Since not signing the abortion bill, George Sinner health started failing while in office.  His political career also came to a crashing halt as well.

Some may wondered, how can a Catholic and family man support abortion.  He went to the seminary to become a priest; so he should had known the right thing to do.  His brother was a priest.  He, himself, had around 10 kids.  What was he thinking by not signing the abortion bill that would make abortion illegal in the state?

I felt because he went against God’s will, God punished him for it.  It was shortly after not signing the bill, that he had a light stroke.  He may not see it that way.

Throughout the Bible there are examples of God punishing those who did not obey the will of God.  Samson was not to give away his secret for his strength.  Saul kept some of the loot when he was suppose to get rid of it.

This past election, I did vote for the George Sinner that ran for state office in my precinct.  Even though I was Republican.

I’m not anti-George Sinner, by no mean.  That is why I titled this blog, “George Sinner: Saint or Sinner.”

Even though I’m a Republican, George Sinner will always have a special place in my heart.  I may not agree with them politically.  But my family has this connection with the Sinners that goes back to when my mother was a child and her family lived in Casselton.