Need a good sting: Part 1

The Government is in the process of getting a good sting right now folks.

President George W. Bush made an attack on Pres. Trump recently.  He had the galls to speak bad of Trump.  Doesn’t he realize that he was the worse president since Jimmy Carter?  Doesn’t he realize that under him, the tea party was formed?

The tea party started under him because they weren’t too happy with the job he was doing as President.  From the way he handled the war against terrorist to his wasteful spending.  He turned that war into another Vietnam and Korea.  A war that was never really won.

The original tea party was the start of the Revolution war. The colonialist were fed up with the taxation by the King of England at the time. So they form a little tea party, in which they stormed the British merchant boat and threw overboard the tea from England.  It started in Boston, Mass.

Growing up, my step-dad  would always say this country is gearing up for another revolution. The American people is becoming fed up  with our corrupt government.

The bad things is, our founding father, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were afraid that this would happen too.

Our government wasn’t suppose to get this big.  Our politicians were not suppose to make a career out of being in Washington.  They were suppose to serve their terms and go back home.  The Federal Government was suppose to overlook everything and protect the nation.  It was the state government’s job to govern the people.

Like I said, the tea party started under Pres. George W. Bush; but they really made headway under Obama.

The only reason why Obama was elected both times was because the American people wasn’t too happy with the Established Republicans candidate, McCain and Romney.

The only reason why McCain got the nomination was because Guilanni just gave up for some reason and Obama was able to tell the people what they wanted to hear.

In 2012, I was looking at Herman Cane as the possible Republican candidate for President.  Well, the Established Republicans and the fake news media really attacked him hard.  They didn’t care for his tax plan.

Then the last Presidential election, none of the established republicans could pull out a win during the primary.  They couldn’t stop Trump.  The top 4 candidate were not part of the establishment: Trump, Ben Carson, Rubio, and Ted Cruz.

In our selfish culture, the poor are often despised, locked out of equal access and opportunity, and kept poor by governmental systems that make it more profitable to abandon the family rather than reunite it.

The democrats but some republicans wants to keep the poor under the government system and control.  By doing that they can manipulate them to vote for them and keeps them in office.  They just enjoyed that power that comes from being in Washington.  By keeping the poor, poor and uneducated, they can easily manipulated them.  They think that we are too stupid to know any better.

Pres. Reagan fought hard to less government, against opposition on both sides and the fake news media.  This is what Trump is also trying to do as well.

Today’s democrats are socialist and would not approve of John F. Kennedy.

Mitch McConnell wants Trump to endorse Romney for senator of Utah.  I hope Trump doesn’t do it.  Romney never endorsed Trump.

McConnell needs to retire and take all his so-called cronies with him like: Paul Ryan and North Dakota senator John Hoeven.

The Established Republicans isn’t the only party that has candidates that needs to go, so does the democrats.  Here are a few that needs to go: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Colin Peterson, to name a few.

I hope that Trump keeps his words and fight for term limits for our congressman and senators.  They both should have 2 four years terms only.

They need to eliminate these big payoffs by the lobbyist to these politicians.  They are being bought off by whoever, from corporation to oil company to whatever else.  They enjoyed that power that comes with being there.  How else can they afford more than one mansion in more than their home state?

At least Harry Reid finally did the right thing and finally step down.

Sen. John McCain, who is dying of cancer should do the right thing and just step down to spend his remaining days with his family.  He loves that power so much!!

There is a shake up going on in Washington.  They are getting a good sting.  May Pres. Trump give it to them hard and don’t  let up until he cleaned up the swamp.

This is only part one of needing a good sting.  The government is finally getting their sting that they need.  Another revolution is coming like my step-dad had predicted will happen when the American people finally have had  enough.

Stay tune next week for part 2 of needing a good sting.  That one will go after the church as a whole, organized religion.  This will be in honor of Easter.