Why do you have to be so mean?

There had always been bullies throughout history. Now we even have cyberbully.

First, you must understand, bullies are victims themselves.  Either they have been victimized at home or otherwise.  Bullies would pick on someone smaller or weaker than themselves.  Someone who is not able to fight back themselves.

If you can stand up to a bully, they’ll back down.  They don’t like it when you stand up to them.  It means that they cannot control you like they want.

Bullies are similar to emotional vampire.  They just drain you dry emotionally.  You just try to avoid them every chance you get.  Sometimes it is hard.

Some have said that Simon Cowell was a bully when he was the judge on American Idol.  I say that he was just being truthful.  Those trying out for those musical talent show needs to hear the truth, before they get out into the real world.

The fake news media says that Pres. Trump is a bully.  I say he is not.  He is just speaking the truth.  We need to hear the truth.  We need a strong leader to stand up against our enemies.

Now with the prominent of social media, we have what you may call cyberbully.  Cyberbully are actually cowards.  Through social media they can say whatever they want without the fear of repercussion.  They probably don’t dare do it to the person face.

The latest news story involved cyberbully and the story of “the stick man in Wisconsin.”  These young girls used the internet and a made up story to lure an unsurpassing victim to be nearly killed.

Since I’m heavily involved with the social media with my blogs, I know that I need to watch out for cyberbullies myself.  I know what it is like to be bullied.  I needs to have a thick skin.

Just like on Facebook, you have to watch what you say.  What you say could be misconstrued.  You don’t want to say the wrong things on Facebook or any social media.  It’s a good thing but it can also be a bad thing.

When I was writing my blog on “The casting couch,”  that was tough for me to keep from letting it get personal.  I have a story I would love to share but how would some people take it.  It could help somebody.  At the same time, I could faced being bullied.  I have to work up the courage or not.  If my readers would want to hear my stories, please me know in your comments.

Let us look at all these school shootings out there lately.

A lot of these shooters were bullied themselves while school.  The shooters in Columbine, Colorado, were victims of bullies.  They just had enough of being bullied; so they fought back.  And they took a lot of innocent lives with them.

These school shooters were either victims of bullies or they have a form of mental illness.

I’m not going to delve too much on the topic of mental illness; because that is another blog altogether.

Back to watching out for cyberbully, it matters to me what people thinks.  I have been lucky so far, the comments I have received were pretty much good comments.  I love the attention.

That is the same with bullies.  They just strive for attention. They crave it.  They don’t know any other ways to get it but by acting out.

When a man is abusive to his wife or girlfriend, he doesn’t know any better.  They grew up in that type of environment.  They were probably abused themselves or witnessed it.

Women who are victimized by abusive spouse; it’s hard for them to escape.  They don’t know any other ways to live.  They also either seen abused or were abused as children.

More and more lately, the fake news media and the Democrats are talking about gun control.  I won’t go too much into this subject because that is another blog.  All I will say to them is this:  gun control is not the answer to end these school shootings.

You didn’t hear much school shootings when I was in school.  Even though there was bullies.

How we can combat bullies in our schools and other places is first learn to stand up to them.  If you can’t stand up to them, we need to find ways to help the victims of bullies.  We need to let them know somehow that they are loved.  We need to help the victims of bullies by also letting them know that they are loved.

If you happened to see someone being bullied in person or on Facebook, or other social media; say something.  Tell them that what they are doing isn’t nice but they are still loved.  Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

I maybe a known as a rebel at work right now; but I’m only learning to stand up for myself and the mistreatment of bad management.

My mom’s favorite song was, “Don’t laugh at me”, by Mark Wills.  Don’t laugh at those who are being bullied.  Stand up for them instead.

I’m not saying that you have to fight these bullies.  If you show signs of standing up to them, they will back down.  They don’t like it when victims stand up to them.

If you are dealing with an emotional vampire, stand up to them too.  I know a few emotional vampire too.

Don’t let these bullies get the better of you.  No one deserve to be bullied; not even bullies.

I have to admire Taylor Swift.  She may get a bad rap by the fake news media but she stands up to them.  She even write songs to stand up to them.  One of her song was titled, “Mean”.