Hollywood has always been weird but it just seems to be more weirder now.  It’s the home of all the fruits and nuts. And I don’t mean the kind you eat either.

Years ago, Hollywood was more conservative.  Even the movies that were made were better quality with better storylines.

It seems that those in Hollywood is very Liberal; almost to the point of being Leftist.

Tonight is the night of the Oscars.  Movies that are usually nominated for an Oscar or even win, you never really hear much about.  It seems like those crazies used the Oscar stage as their platform to air out their grievance.

Even with the technology, they  can’t seems to make movies as great.  Sure they have special effects; but they miss out on telling a story.

Let us take a look at the Cecil DeMille biggest movie ever, “The Ten Commandment”, starring Charleston Heston.  That movie was wonderfully made.  Well our Leftist people in Hollywood had to redo that movie.  Let me tell you, they destroyed it. Cecil DeMille was more accurate with the Ten Commandment to the Bible story version.

I never seen the James Cameron’s Titanic movie.  The reason why, I saw it as a remake.

Usually box-office movies doesn’t seems to win Oscars.  The movies that usually win are movies that not many heard of.  Especially now more than in the past.

Don’t get me wrong at times there are good movies out there that should get Oscar recognition.  The best box office movie I seen that actually won an Oscar was the Lord of the Ring.  It was well written, everything was good with the picture.

There was one small movie that was also very awesome. That movie was “The Help.”  It didn’t win an Oscar for best picture but it should have.  I’ve seen that movie and enjoyed it very much.  Even though it was based in the ’60s, it was true today.

Once in awhile a good movie is made.  It’s becoming far and between.  It seems that there are more remake of good movies than ever before.  Like they don’t have a creative mind of their own. When they remake a good movie, they ended up ruining it.  They are even remaking old TV shows and turning them into movies,  By doing that they ended up destroying the movies.

I’m not going to continue nitpicking because I could go for a long time.  There is more to talk about how weird Hollywood had become.

I do want to mention the old John Wayne’s movie, “Rio Grande.”  That was very good.  Well they went ahead and remade it. Just like the old Planet of the Apes movies.  The original ones were awesome.  The remake not so good.

It’s hard to find a good movies now days that you would want to see.  When you see a movie, you need popcorns and pop.  The movies are made so bad lately.  You are being cheated.  Not only was the movie bad; so was the popcorn and the pop was watered down.

Sometimes the preview is better than the movie.  I remember seeing the “Village.”  It was produced by the same person who produced “Sixth Sense.”  Now the “Sixth Sense” was a good movie.  The “Village” on the other hand was a let down.

When I was a child I had this dream of going to Hollywood, not only to be a singer, but also an actor.  Yes, you can say to be a part of the “fruits and nuts” of Hollywood.

They talked about the great earthquake that will eventually break California off from the United States.  With all those crazies out there, it wouldn’t be so bad.  It will be good riddance.

When I wrote about the casting couch last year.  Those in Hollywood seems to forget that it was the norm for producers and directors to sleep with the stars.  They are just coming out with the “me-too” things?

Sometimes, these stars become too big for their britches.  When they are  caught doing something illegal, they screamed, “Do you know who I am?”  They want special treatment just because they are a celebrity.  Why should they?  Why should they be treated better?  If you commit the crime, you face the punishment.

Don’t get wrong, sometimes some of the causes they stand up for I agree with.

As I said in past blogs, the only reason why this “me-too” came up is because is they are upset that Donald Trump was elected President.  They think that Hillary would saved them.  They seems to forget what Old Bill Clinton did when he was President. Where was Hillary?  She sure wasn’t supporting the victims.  Instead, she stood by Bill and called the victims tramp, so to speak.

Now these Leftist wants to get Oprah to runs for President; especially after her statement during the Golden Globe.

Years ago it was ok to be a Republican and a Conservative.  Now days you are shun if you are one.  Tim Allen lost his show, “Last Man Standing” because of him voting for Trump.  Now Hollywood doesn’t want much to do with him.  He is just one of the few.

I’m surprised that Roseanne is returning to television.  Since she had supported Trump for President.

Tonight is the Oscars.  I’ll watch it but not to see who will win. I couldn’t care less since I haven’t seen any of the movies that are nominated.  The only reason I will watch it is to see what these Leftist has to say next.

They say that they want to help the people but yet they lives in their glass house and you better not attack them.  They will cry foul if you do.  They’ll say, “do as I say not as I do.”  They’re not willing to give up what they have.  They expect the common folks to do that.  They want their cake and eat it too.