Use some tact

As you may or may have heard the latest talk going on about breast feeding.  People are upset that mothers are breastfeeding their babies in public; at least according to the mothers doing it.  Well I’m here to set the record straight.

It’s not the idea that you are breastfeeding in public that being offensive.  It’s the idea that you are not using any tact while doing it.

Mothers had always breastfed their babies throughout history.  There wasn’t any complaints about it before.  The reason, they used some tact.  They used their common sense when it came to breastfeeding in public.  There is an appropriate way in breastfeeding.

You got to understand, us men are pigs!  When we see breast of a beautiful woman, we are going to ogled.  If you don’t want us to do it, find a appropriate way to breastfeed the baby.  I’m not saying  you have to stop doing it in a restaurant.

You wouldn’t like it if a man sat next to you and just whip it out would you?

If a man was to take a whiz outside, he would be arrested, fined, charged, and made to registered as a sex offender.  What about you woman who inappropriately breastfeed your babies in public.  Don’t you think that you too should be charged, fined, arrested, and registered as a sex offender?

I wouldn’t doubt  the same woman who accused men of sexual assault are the same who inappropriately breastfeed their babies in public.

It’s almost like, you wouldn’t wear a very short dress or skirt to church, either for a wedding or a funeral or just church service?  Those dresses are so short, when you bend over, everyone can see what you don’t want to be seen.  Or do you want people to see it?  Dress appropriately, that’s all!

I’m not saying that you have to  dress like a nun and cover-up completely.  You can still dress sexy and wear nice clothes, just do it with some tact.

Just like guys, when you wear your pants, no one wants to see your boxer.  Pull those pants up.

When I was a teenager, and if our underwear was showing, we would either get a snuggy or our pants pulled down to our ankles, just to embarrass us right in front of everyone.  If you do that now to a teenager, they will say, “He touch me inappropriately.”

This is not just a black guy thing about wearing your pants down low and boxers up high.  White teenage boys do it too.

I just don’t understand how you can walk like that.  If my pants were down like that, I would feel expose.

Believe me, I like to wear a little bigger clothes; that way they don’t feel tight on me.

It’s even bad to see someone butt crack.  It’s as disgusting to see.  It turns my stomach.  Pull your pants up!  Wear a belt or suspender!

How about an older lady dressing as though she is still sexy and in her 20’s.  You are not the same as you were back then.  Don’t try to dress like you are.

The same goes to the older men out there.  Don’t try to dress like you are still young and in your 20’s.  Older men, please don’t wear speedos!

Actually us older men, got a huge gut and hairy back and even hairy chest.  We don’t have the bodies we had when we were younger.

Just like you older ladies don’t have the same bodies you had when you were younger.

I don’t know it you seen the video of Joe Nichols’ song, “Tequila makes her clothes fall off.”  In that video, the grandmother came back home to see a party going on and she got down herself.  By the end of the video she says, “let’s get naked.” Believe me, you don’t want to see that.

So you women out there who is upset that no one wants you to feed your babies.  I’m not telling you not to breastfeed.  All I’m saying, use some common sense when doing so.  If you don’t want us men to fondle you either with our hands or eyes, think before you do.  Usually woman has a towel covering their breast while they are feeding their baby.  They don’t just whip it out.

Young men/boys pull up your pants!  No one wants to see your boxers either.  No one wants to see your butt crack either.

Dress your age!  Don’t dress as though you are still young and sexy.