Stand Up!!

Before I get to the main reason for this blog I have to say, way to go Eagles for winning one for the gipper( Carson Wentz).  He brought you to the playoff and you took it home.  Good job Eagles!!

I also want to say this blogger was prepared to eat his words involving the Minnesota Vikings; but they just choked as usual during the playoff.  They could had made history by being the first team to ever have home field advantage at the Super Bowl.  It would been nice to see.

Now let’s get to the real reason for this blog.

What is this about kneeling to the anthem?  I know that this is a free country.  So you have every rights to do that.  But out of respect for those who fought and died for our freedom, you should stand up during the National Anthem.

I understand the reason for doing it.  I’m not against social injustice.  You are just hurting the NFL organization and yourself by doing it continually.

This is as bad as protester who burned the flag during the Vietnam War.  The American flags stood for freedom and for those who fought for it.

The blacks not the only one who face social injustice.  Those who are poor and white also face social injustice.  You don’t see us disrespecting this country and those who fought for our freedom?

When I was in school, every morning we would say the Pledge to the Allegiance to the flag.  My big question is, do they still do that now in this country?

My answer to that is a big NO.  The ACLU had gotten involved to put a stop to that.

If you don’t like this country and respect those who fought so you can have the freedom you now enjoy.  You can get the hell out!

We stand during the National Anthem out of respect.  The same way those in church stand up for the reading the Word in the Bible.  We do it out of respect.  If you are not willing to do it, as Merle Haggard sang, “You are walking on the fighting side of me.”

The NFL organization had lost a lot of respect and viewers over this and they not taking a right stand for America.

I was never in the military but I was in Cub Scout and so I know about respecting America.  I had relatives and friends who fought or even were in service.  I had a cousin who was killed during the Vietnam War.  I never knew him since I was only about 3 years old.  My hat goes off to all those who fought for our freedom.  I love our military.

I love this country and will gladly stand up for her everyday.  God bless the USA!!

What gets me, if people hate this country so much?  Why do they keep coming here?

They come here for the freedom that we have that they never had in their own country.

While watching the State of the Union, this past Tuesday, it was something to see.  Only the Republicans stood up and chanted USA during Pres. Trump’s speech.  The Democrats just sat there like a lump of coal.  They don’t love this country either.

If Hillary Clinton would had gotten in, the Islamic terrorist would had their flag waving over the White House instead of ours.  If the Islamic terrorist were in control their would be even less social injustice than what it is right now.  They don’t like women to be in control.

The Democrats is UN-America.  Pres. Kennedy would roll over in his grave he knew how bad the Democrats had become.  Kennedy was a Nationalist, like Reagan and now Pres. Trump.

The only reason the Democrats wants the illegal immigrants to come to this country is to get the votes.  A true American would not vote Democrats.

If you hate this country so bad, you can leave!  USA, USA, USA!!

As for me and my family, I will continue standing up during the National Anthem and for the American Flag.

I understand you wanting to take a stand for social injustice.  I’m all for that!  When you are affecting the American flag and those who fought and died for our freedom, that is where I draw the line.  I don’t like the social injustice either.