Naked without a Phone

This is not a porn!!   I’m not really naked.

We have become so addicted to our phones and computers.  We cannot leave home without our phone without realizing something is definitely missing.

Last summer I had written in one of my blog that I could do well living out in the wilderness.  Well something happened to make me rethink this.  Something that cause me consider writing this blog.

Last Fall I had my phone taken and had to get a new one replace under my replacement plan.  Since I was without a phone for 2-3 days, I felt rather naked without it.

It got me thinking what we did and how we survived years ago without a cell phone and a computer.

As you know a cell phone is everywhere.  You can’t leave home without it; otherwise you will be lost.

Years ago, people did their calling from home on the old landline phone.  You were even charge long distance for any long distance call.  The phone was first rotary, then became push button.  The rotary was very hard on your fingers.

Even before my time, when a person made a call, they went through the operator to make it.

If you happened to be out and about and needed to make a phone call, you could find a pay phone, practically every corner to call someone to let them know that you are on your way.

Only those who had a car phone was businessman or lawyer.  Those phones were huge also.  You couldn’t just put it in your pocket or purse.

I never thought I would get a cell phone but believe I’m glad I did.  The reason I got my first cell phone was because I had too much trouble with my landline phone, being dependable.  So when an offer was made to lump my phone and internet together, I took it.  I eventually had to separated the phone and internet from my phone bill.

Everywhere you go you see either people talking on the cell phone or texting someone.  They are even holding onto the phone.  They cannot just put it in their pocket or purse.  It’s almost like they are afraid that they might miss out on something.

They are driving with the phone up to their ear or reading  or writing a text message.  One of the reason for distracted drivers.  Or else they are walking and have the their phone in their hand.  They are even going into a store with a phone in their hand.  Put your phone in your pocket or purse!  The call is not that important that you cannot call back later.

How about going to a concert or play and is ask to put your phone away?  How many will still have their phone out texting someone?  We are so addicted to our phone and it’s a crying shame.

There is no face to face conversation hardly anymore.  The old joke is a family is sitting at the supper table, and they all are on their phone texting one another.  When the power goes out, they stop and look at each other and they had nothing to say.

Years ago, telemarketer would call during supper time.  Now they call whenever possible.

Even computers are becoming more prominent in every homes.  I never had a computer growing up.  The only computer training I had was in college and a little in high school.  Now I’m starting to make money with my computer through writing my blogs.

Kids today are being taught on the computers at an early age.  They don’t go outside much to play.  They are busy playing computer games.

When I was a kid, we had to use our imagination in playing games outside.  We would pretend to be motorcycle gang and ride our bikes in the neighborhood.  If you want to play video games, you went to the arcade.

When my internet was down for 2-3 days, I felt lost without it as well.

Now days when parents are disciplining their kids, if they send them to their room, the kids are so happy to go there because they have all their electronics in there.  If a parent wants to discipline their kids, they have to take away their phones, computers, etc.

I don’t think that kids under 13 should have a cell phone.  They need to be old enough to learn responsibility first.  Years ago, kids never had cell phone and if a parent needed to get a hold of them, they either called the school or the neighbor.  People now days don’t even know their own neighbors.

The only socializing kids are getting is on the internet, such as Facebook and Skype.  You never really knows who your kids are talking to, like in the old days.

I could go with this subject but I think you get the message.

As the world we are so addicted to our phones and computers.  We will be lost and naked without them.  How else do we stay in tough with the world?  Maybe it’s time we consider putting our phone away and go back talking face to face with someone.  Open communication is dead!