Happy Employees, Productive Employees

To all you managers and business owners out there, here is my advice to you.  Happy employees leads to productive employees.  If you want good results from your employees, you must treat them well.

To all those who works for tyrants(slave master), managers are only looking out for #1.  They are only interested in making a profit for themselves. They are not to be your friends.  You can be acquaintance.  I’m not saying that you can’t get along with them. What I’m saying is you need to stand up for yourself.  Whatever you want from your employers, you must stand up to them.  You must not let them take advantage of you.

Years ago, business owners took better care of their employees.  They cared for them and their family.  There are a few exception though.  Ebenezer Scrooge is one prime example and so is the Grinch that stole Christmas.

We all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and how he was visited by the 3 ghosts.  Those visits change his views on Christmas.

Businesses used to give out Christmas bonuses and had Christmas parties for their employees.  It was there way of showing appreciation for all your hard work throughout the year.  You would even gets your birthday off with pay.

I have to say, why this may  had stop was because the Government had stuck their nose into businesses.  They put too much government regulations and taxes.  Government shouldn’t force businesses owner to provide health insurance and give raises.  By forcing them, they’ll do it but they will cut back help.  They would rather have a skeleton crew and work with less workers they have as slaves than pay out into all the government regulations.

You got to remember they are out to make a profit too.  It’s a crying shame that it comes down to that.  You can blame our government; especially those Leftist in Washington.

This past week I recently stood up for myself.  The manager a Kmart had been scheduling employees icky hours on the day that we get a truck, like 12pm to 8:30.  With those hours you can’t do anything and it even affect your sleeping and eating pattern.  Well, this past week I was scheduled for the morning shift; so I took advantage of it and made plans for that afternoon.  When the manager called me and told me that the schedule was being change, I told him that I made other plans.  I can tell that he wasn’t happy but he couldn’t really say anything.

I have to admit because of these icky hours, I’m becoming burn out.  On my day off, I don’t want to go their for fear that they might make me work.

There is no more incentives in busting yourself  at work.

Oh sure in October, they tried to show a little appreciation for us employees but a lot of us thought; it was just a big joke.  The manager wasn’t really sincere.  A raise or bonus would had been better.

Sometimes when the manager calls, I don’t really want to answer my phone.  They may wonder why.  We are tired of being treated as slaves.

Slavery went out after the Civil War.  Yet business owners or managers still feels they have the right to treat you like slaves.  The best movie, most recently, was “The Help.”  It should had won an Oscar.  Even though, it was based in the ’60’s; it is still true today.

I now understand why some people take up drinking.  Some do it because of their job.  If it wasn’t for the Fargo Dome to ease my sanity; I probably become an alcoholic.

I’m digressing, forgive me.

The last time I had a Christmas bonus was when I used to worked at the Fargo Country Club.  It wasn’t a real bad place.  I just got burned out. It was like a dysfunctional family.  Believe me, they took advantage of me there too.  So when I had the opportunity for a better paying job with decent benefits, I took it.

My mother, at first, couldn’t understand why I would leave the Country Club for Concordia.  Then again, she was from a different generation.  The generation she was from hung on to their job for as long as they could.  People doesn’t stay at a job for very long like they used because of constantly looking for something better.

My mother had been working at Quality Bakery for 30 some years.  The owners took advantage of her big times and she let them.  She would used the excuse, oh they’re friends, or they were paying for her health insurance.  That was why she was only getting $8 something/ hour.

They took advantage of her loyalty and they should be a shame of themselves.  Friends don’t take advantage of friends.  I have no respect for the owner of Quality Bakery for the way they treated my mother.  I hope they feel so guilty.

I understand that they were just looking out for #1, themselves.  My mother was just as guilty by letting it happen.

I may not be the employers favorite because I’m learning to stand up for myself.  Some may say that I have an attitude.  I’m just looking out for #1 as well.  Somebody got to.  You can’t count on your employer to look out for you or your better interest.

It’s like those who have their own business.  I don’t care what kinds of business it is.  You are there to make a profit or make ends me.  They are not your friends, they are your clients.  You can get along with them.  Which is always good, just don’t get too friendly that they will walk all over you.  That is what they will do too.

As long as you worked hard and is dependable they can’t really fire you.  You won’t be treated with favoritism. They will see you with an attitude problem.  Hopefully, they’ll come to realize that you are just standing up for yourself.