What were they thinking?

Have you ever wonder what people were thinking?

I’m not a counselor; even though I took Psychology in college. I even took Sociology.  This is more of a tongue in cheek blog.  A little lighter after the last 2 blogs.

It had been about year since they torn down the old strip mall next to Kmart in South Fargo.  They torn it down to rebuild, because it made more sense to rebuild than to remodeled.  Well nothing was done.  It is just an ugly empty lot there now.  What was they thinking?  They could be making money from the businesses that were there until they were ready to rebuild.

Was the owner waiting for Kmart to close so that they can get the whole lot?  They also  wanted Burger King too.

The rumor going around was that Petco was going to open a second store there.  There was also talk that McDonalds was going to move from their old location because easy access.

There had been other places that were torn down and had taken awhile before anything was done.  The old Holiday Mall in South Moorhead for example was torn down.  It took awhile for anything came about over there.

There was small trailer court near Kmart that was sold and everyone had to moved out.  It took awhile before anything was actually done.  the original plan had fallen through.

Where Kmart is, is a prime real estate.  There is really no competition near by.  If they close Kmart, what will the people do in the area.  We are people of convenience.

At one time Kmart was a prosper business.  What was they thinking?  They should never had build out Sears.  That was their downfall.  Sure I may been hard on Kmart in past blogs.  It’s not Kmart, it’s the management.  It starts at the top.  Kmart is being run into the ground.

Not too long ago there was a woman in North Fargo that was killed and her baby taken from.  What happened was very bizarre.  Something out of a horror/mystery novel/movie.  You wouldn’t think something like that would happen in Fargo.  What was the woman who did the killing thinking?  Her boyfriend was just an accomplish.  Was she sick with mental illness?

Look at the 2008 election:  what was people thinking when Obama got elected?  I’ll let you know why I voted for him.

I was going to vote for Rudy Guillanie, because I like what he did for New York City after 9/11.  It just seems that he gave up, because he was doing so well.  When that happened, John McCain got his second wind to get the nomination.  What was Rudy thinking?  He could had been President.

When that happened, the people saw Obama as someone different.  He ran on the motto change.  There was no change though.  He proved that he was more of the same.

Remember, the tea party started under Pres. George W. Bush and really started growing ever since.

That is why in 2016, Trump won over Hillary.  Trump only said what the people was thinking.

Have you ever waited to cross the street at the corner and had someone waved you across?  I have that happened. One time I even cross but it turned out to be mistake because cars on the other side had no intention of letting you cross.  So now when they waved me across and I happened to see another car on the opposite side, I just point at the car as to say, “don’t you see?”  Do they think that they are being nice?  They are just being pure stupid.

How about those who wait until the last minute to get their Christmas shopping done?  Do they actually think they are going to get what they want on sale?

I got news for them.  They won’t find it cheaper. Businesses just raise the prices up.  Besides, they may end up finding the shelves empty, because they waited until the last minute.  So instead getting what you want to get someone for Christmas; you ended up getting a “white elephant” gift that no one wants.

I always start early with my Christmas shopping and beat the rush.

Us men can do stupid things when trying to win a woman over.

I can go on with this wide topic of what were they thinking; but I think you get the message.