Casting Couch

Hollywood has always been known for their casting couch.  Throughout the history of Hollywood many stars have been on the casting couch with the producers, directors and/or even fellow actors.  That was the way to get the part they wanted.  They had to perform by doing sexual favors.

The sex scandals involving Harvey Weinstein and others in Hollywood is nothing new.  Stars of the past all had slept there way up on the casting couch.  Stars like Marilyn Monroe and others like her.  Not just actresses but actors as well.

So the sex scandal involving Kevin Spacey is also nothing new either.  It just in the old days it was kept hush, hush; especially when it came to men on the casting couch.

This blog is coming at a perfect time too.  Not only is all these sex scandals going on; so is the Miss Universe pageant on tonight.  These beauty pageant treats women as sex object.  What men doesn’t like looking at beautiful women in a bikini?

I’m not dismissing these women allegation, by no means.  Matter of fact, more power to them.  No one deserve to be abused sexually, mentally, physically, and verbally.  It’s time that the victims speak up.

Maybe one of these times I may share my story.  It just that since I’m dealing with social media and there are people who gets bullied through the social media as well as otherwise.  So you may have to wait until I feel the time is right.  If I ever share my story or not.

This casting couch goes even beyond Hollywood.  It’s also in our political realm as well.  We all know about former President Bill Clinton or even Supreme Court Judge, Clarence Thomas.  Now there is Senator Roy Moore and Senator Al Franklin.

One is a Republican and other is a Democrat.  The Democrats doesn’t even want to think about Al Franklin.  Like what is good for goose is good for the gander.

Since they are big famous and powerful people under the sex scandal; it just seems to be just talk.  Will anything really be done?  I mean if they were everyday person with not much money and power, they would be automatically be sent to prison and label a sex offender.  There is no equal treatment for justice sake.

Women are not the only victims out there.  Men are victimize too.  There are women who abuse men/boys as well.  You heard about the teacher who molested her male student.  There is just a stigmatism that keeps boys from admitting that they are victims.

So I am glad that those young men came out after Kevin Spacey for what he did to them.

This is very tough for me write, so bear with me please. I’m trying not to keep this from being too personal at this time.

There are other ways that abuse happen as well.  People are abuse on the job.  Some lives in abusive relationship.  Some of those who lives in abusive relationship don’t even  know how to get out of it.  They become co-dependent.  Some may even say that there is no physical abuse.  Even though there is emotional and mental abuse.  Some who lives in an abusive relationship, grew up in it as well.

Daughters will marry someone like there fathers and sons marry someone like their mothers.  There is an abuse pattern that draws them together.  Unless there is help to break the pattern, the abuse will continue.

My mother grew up with an abusive father and she, herself married someone who is abusive and controlling.  Even though, she was a feminist and very much independent; she was also co-dependent as well.  It didn’t just affected her home life; it’s also affected her job as well.  That is a whole different blog and so I won’t go there.

Like I said I’m glad that these women are speaking out against their perpetrators.  I’m even happy that some men are doing it also.  I’m for taking back your life.  As I talk in past blogs, It’s time we take back America.  Well those who are victimize needs to take back their lives as well.

I have nothing against women becoming President.  I mean, I voted for Elizabeth Dole in 2000.  I just couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she was just the wrong person with too much baggage.

My big thing about this whole sex abuse scandal going on that it will get blown out of proportion.  Look at the child abuse.  When I was a kid, child abuse was like this sex scandal involving the casting couch today, very hush, hush.

Country legend, Loretta Lynn was 13 when she married.  Back then it was ok. I have an older brother who was 21 when he married his wife when she was pregnant and was only 17.  If that would happen today, he would had went to prison and been registered as a sex offender.

Another thing that concerned me involving this whole thing.  There are men, like me who finds it difficult with intimacy.  I have had woman that I was interested in.  I just couldn’t bring myself to get intimate with.  This is why I’m still single.  I can share my opinion, I just can’t become intimate.  I can be a good friend with a woman.  I just don’t want to overstep my boundary.

The last woman I was close to was Danielle.  She had been to my apartment and I have been to hers.  We had talked.  I even let her used my phone.  I saw that she was upset; so I asked her is she needed a hug.  I admit as red-blooded male, it felt of so good to have her in my arms; but I never took it any further than that.  I even made a strawberry margarita and brought it over to her apartment.  I just couldn’t bring myself to get intimate with her.

Back when I went to college at NDSU, I was friends with an older woman, named Susan.  She was part of the Goldstar band. We would eat supper together in the same dining hall.  We even went roller skating where we held hands while roller skating.  Peer pressure ruin that relationship for me.  I should had never fallen for peer pressure from the other guys in my dorm.

There was other women also; but I’m not going there.

So you see sometimes peer pressure can make us men monsters just as well.

Nobody deserve to be rape or abuse.  I don’t care who it is.  I don’t care if you are a woman, a child, or a man.  These people of power who are abusing and taking advantage of women or anybody must be held accountable for their action.

Thank you for taking a stand!