Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It’s that time of year again.  It’s another World Series coming up this coming week.  Baseball is as American as apple pie and momma. The World Series may not get as much viewers as the Super Bowl.  I think it is because there is more quick action in football than baseball.  Baseball is a sport that everyone loves to play during the summer in the park.  People loves going to baseball games because there seems to be more action there than on TV.  I’m not saying that baseball isn’t exciting though.

This year, the playoff turned out to be very exciting.  The Minnesota Twins made it to the playoff as a wildcard team.  The last time that the Twins were in the World Series, if I remember correctly, it was either 1990 or 1992.  Believe me I was excited and I even was rooting for them to go all the way to the World Series.

In the wildcard playoff, the Twins faced a very tough opponent with the New York Yankees.  I like the Yankees, but I wanted the Twins to win.  I knew deep down the Yankees had a better shot at winning.  The reason, they have the money to pay for the best players.

Here is a little analogy involving business and life in general.

Like the movie, “Fields of Dreams”, “If you build it, they will come.”

Like anything in life, if you want something good, you must be willing to pay for it.  I think that is why the Yankees does so well, because the owner is not afraid to spend some money to get the good players.

My step-dad even said that if you want something good, you must be willing to pay for it.  If you buy junk, you’ll get junk.  He never went into debt and he never had a credit card.  When he wanted something, he saved up for it and made it a goal to pay for it up front.

A former pastor, I know, would rather buy cheap stuff, and then it would constantly needs work.  My step-dad would just call him, “cheap.”

I have to say, I think that my step-dad would be proud of my decision I made with my investment from my inheritance.  I invested wisely.

When I started out with writing my blogs, it was a leap of faith.  I knew I could get paid.  I just don’t know how much.  I even took another leap of faith, when I updated to Premium before I reach 1000 viewers. I trusted God and took the leap of faith.

The Pastor the church got now have taken his shares of leap of faith.  The church was small, but with his leap of faith, he started a food pantry that would help the people in Fargo-Moorhead.  Because of that leap of faith, the Lord been blessing the church.

Let us look at Moses in the Bible, the Lord told him to build an ark before the great flood was to come.  The people laughed at him; but he kept right on building.

Abraham is another example of taking a leap of faith.  He left his family behind to go to where the Lord had promised.  He was blessed because of his obedience.

Donald Trump also took a leap of faith when he ran for President and won.  He never really imagine that he would win.  He put his own money into the campaign as an investments.  That way, he doesn’t owe anybody anything.  He doesn’t owe the lobbyist that so many did in the past.

Now back to the World Series.  I hope you see what I was getting at here.  If you build it they will come.  If you want a winning team or anything worthwhile, you must put good money down.

To compete against Amazon, Wal-Mart, realized that that had to jump on board with the on-line order.  So right now, because of that Amazon and Wal-Mart are one and two in the highest stock value.

This year the two teams playing in the World Series are the Houston Astros and LA Dodgers.  I remember when the Dodgers were in the World Series and played against the Yankees back when Reggie Jackson was playing for the Dodgers.

Even though I’m not a big Boston Red Sox fans, I was very happy to see them win the World Series and break their curse that they had on them back when Babe Ruth played for the Yankees.

I wasn’t much of a big Braves fan either back when they had won World Series.  I didn’t care for Ted Turner, who owned the Braves.  Like I said with the Yankees, if you are willing to pay for good players or buy good things, you’ll get good stuff.

Maybe that is what the Minnesota Vikings hope to happen when they chose to build a new stadium.

I was hoping that Chicago Cubs would wound up in the World Series again.  I like the Cubs better than the White Sox.  I was very excited when the Cubs won the World Series last year and finally broke their curse that they had on them.

There curse was a little different than the Red Sox though.  The Cubs came close before.  As part of their curse, that kept the Cubs from winning, if a fan caught a ball that was meant to be caught by the Cubs player, that would cost them the game.  A few years ago, that happened and some of the fans were downright angry.  They started a riot because of it.

It been awhile since the Dodgers been in the World Series.  I don’t know if the Astros been in before or not.  So it should be good World Series; even though the Twins or the Cubs aren’t in.

So remember, if you want something good, you must be willing to pay for it.  If you build it they will come.

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