Not My Fault

As you know, Old Hillary Clinton has a new book out right now, stating why she lost the election.  She has been doing a lot of talk show circuit to promote that book.  In it she blames everyone but herself for the reason why she lost.  I got a perfect title for her latest book.  How about “It’s not my fault”, Hillary?

First, Hillary Clinton blamed President Obama for not getting the nomination in 2008.  Doesn’t she realize that it was still too soon for another Clinton, for one.  For two, Obama represented change that America very much needed.  He did end up being part of the same old/same old.  Hillary even thought that Obama didn’t do enough for her in last election.

Then, Hillary Clinton blamed Bernie Sanders for not winning the election.  She felt that he didn’t fully support her.  Remember, Bernie Sanders drew a larger crowd than Hillary did on the campaign trail.  Remember, bother Sanders and Trump drew larger crowds on the campaign trail than the Establishment on both the Republicans and the Democrats.

She even blamed her husband, Bill.  She felt that he wasn’t fully supporting of her.  Well, Hillary here is a bone for you to gnarl on.  The reason why Bill was elected President was because he had more charisma than you do.  When he lied, he had a way in twisting his lies and making people believe it.  She doesn’t have that ability.  When she lies, people can see right through her.

She even blamed Trump for her lost.  She said that Trump intimidated her during their debates.  She thinks I feels sorry for her.  He knew how to make her squirm so he can show the American people the true Hillary Clinton, the liar she is.

Another thing, Trump drew a larger crowd like Sanders did.  It goes to show that the American people were very unhappy with our career politicians.  They wanted an outsider for a change.  They wanted someone who didn’t make a career in being a politician and being in Washington.

Doesn’t Hillary realize she had way too much baggage to become President.  The American people saw her for the lying crook she is.  The last crooked President was Richard Nixon, and he was forced to resign in August of 1974, because of Watergate.  Otherwise he would had been impeach and maybe even sent to prison.  The only reason why he wasn’t was because Pres. Ford made a big mistake in career to pardon Nixon.

I don’t need to go into all her baggage.  You can read it my blog that wrote about all her baggage.  The blog title was Too much baggage for Hillary.”

All I will say is this, she is lucky that Pres. Trump doesn’t have her investigated for all her crimes.  If I was President, I would.  I then would had her charge and sent to prison for the rest of her life.  There would had been no parole for her.

She even blamed Russia for her losing the election.  Come on now, really!!  Do they have that much power to control ours election.  The fake news media wants you to think they do.

The Russian President didn’t like her, but who did.  They preferred doing business with Trump over her any day.  They didn’t trust her.  No one can trust her!

It’s funny!  When Trump was concerned about the election being rigged, both Hillary and Obama said that he was off his rocker and denied it.  Now that Trump won and Hillary lost, it’s a different story.  Now Hillary and her people are singing a different tune.  They are screaming, the election was rigged!

Hillary even blamed the Established Republicans for not stopping the Trump train that rolled all over her, and their people as well.  I think and believe that Hillary would rather had hope to take on Jeb Bush instead of Trump.  She would had won the election for sure.

The American people had enough with the Bushes thanks to George W.  It would had been another similar election to 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected President.  Remember, Bill was the lesser of three evil.  The American people no longer trusted the first George Bush, they were concerned about his health and then they would get Dan Quale as President, and was scared of him.

The fake news media made Ross Perot out to be an idiot.  Even though all that he said eventually came true.

Well Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only one who does the blame game.  They all do in Washington, both the Democrats and the Republicans.  The Established Republicans wants to see Trump fail so that they can continue on the way they been going.

The Established Democrats is now falling apart.  The American people wants Trump to clean up the swamp in Washington and get rid of these career politicians.

Even everyday people plays the blame game.

There is a former pastor I know who uses the excuse I’m only helping you.  He doesn’t see himself as being self-righteous.  It’s never his fault.

When people takes up drinking, they do it either because of their jobs, family, or spouses.  My job makes me drink. Or my spouse makes me drink.

How about when someone murder or rape someone else?  The accuse they used is: it’s not my fault, it’s my family situation.  If you had a bad home life growing up, you would too.

Sometimes people plead insanity just to keep from going to prison for murder.  Then they blame their family upbringing.  Or they’ll blame violence on tv and in the movies.

I could on this but there is other blogs I can cover this on.

Back to lying crooked Hillary Clinton, quit whining that you lost the election.  You lost because the American people knows the truth about you.  Even though the fake news media didn’t much report on it.  The reason, you had them in your hind pockets.  It’s time that you take responsibility for your own action.  Stop blaming others and just go away!  While you’re at it, take your clonies with you.  Be forever grateful that Trump didn’t have you investigated and sent to prison for all your crimes.  God forbid, I would!


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