Happy Halloween!!  It’s the witching hour!  I got a spell on you!

Witches is not only a symbol for Halloween.  The practice of witchcraft had been around for a long time.

Some people associate witches as a bad swear word; as if to say, “she is a witch.”  As if you are calling her a bitch.  This blog is not about that though.

Let me take you back to when this country was first founded in the 1600’s.  I never studied that in history, because history kind of left it out.  Some of the best literature came about during the Salem Witchcraft trials.

During that time, women were accused of witchcraft by the religious leaders in that time.  The religious leaders were known as the Puritans.  The leader was Cotton Mathers.

How this came about was young people was becoming mysteriously sick.  They couldn’t figure out why; so they came up with the accusation of witches.  They felt that those women were dancing and making out with the devil; thus becoming witches.

Once they were accused of practicing witchcraft, they were sentence to be burn at the stake.  They never had a fair trial.

Much was the same way back in Jesus days. One of the things that the religious leaders, the Pharisees, accused Jesus of was so-called witchcraft.  They didn’t want to believe that he was able to heal people through the power of God.  Those Pharisees did all they can to discredit Jesus, but His followers grew in numbers.  So the last resort, was to crucify Him on the cross to get rid of Him.

Much was the same with the Salem Witchcraft trial in the 1600’s.  This still happens today as well.

If our so-called religious leaders don’t agree with something they will stop at nothing to put a stop to it.

In 1925,there was The Scopes trial” which was known as the Trial of the century.  A movie was made about it.  It was about a school teacher that taught evolution in school.

Or how about when the movie/play by Andrew Lloyd Webber produced, “Jesus Christ, Superstar.”  The religious leaders protested that movie.

Than when the DaVinchi Code was published, the Catholic Church was one of the biggest opponent of that book/movie.

Few years ago, when Harry Potter first came out, the religious leaders protested the movie, because of the practice of witchcraft in it.  Yet when “The Lord of the Rings came out a month later; the religious leaders said boo.  They both had wizardly and even practice witchcraft.

If you asked why Harry Potter but not the other, they’ll tell you, “The author of the Lord of the Rings was a Christian and the author of Harry Potter wasn’t.”  Now isn’t that judging?

What does Jesus say about judging?

Judge not, lest ye be judge.  Jesus even criticize the Pharisees of judging others.  He even said to get the speck out of your eyes before judging others.

I believe that if Jesus was walking flesh and blood with us today, he would also goes after our religious leaders as well.

I like Harry Potter as much as the Lord of the Ring.  To me the theme of Harry Potter wasn’t the idea of practicing witchcraft.  It was good vs evil.

I think anything that the religious leaders doesn’t agree with or approve of.  They are going to be against.  To me, that is the work of the devil.  The devil wants to bring division.  That way he can divide and conquer.

The religious leaders doesn’t care much for magic or even magicians.  They never did when Apostle Paul was alive and preaching the gospel.

If there is any miraculous healing going on, the religious leaders would try to diffuse it as being of God; but rather of the devil.

I believe in miraculous healing.  I believe in the supernatural.  I believe people can heal in whatever means, being reiki or whatever else.

I could go on with this against the religious leaders but there is so much to talk about.  Next week, I will be continue talking about religion.  There is many religions out there.  But they all serve one God.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween out there!!  Have fun!  Continue reading my blogs, and I will continue putting a spell on you.

Don’t the religious leaders knows by protesting a book or movies, it will only make people wants to read or watch it even more.

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