Getting rich by making your money works for you

I recently read a book titled, “The Millionaire Maker”, by Loral Langemeier.

In this book she talks about how to act, think, and make money the way the wealthy do.

She talks about investments.  It just her way of investments differ from another book I read titled, “Rich Dad, Poor dad.”

There is nothing wrong with her way of investing.  Like there’s nothing wrong in investing the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad version.  It’s all depends on you.

In “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, the author took the more conservative route.  Whereas in “Millionaire Maker’, there is more of a risk.

Don’t get me wrong upon reading “Millionaire Maker’, I have had some thoughts.

When I was a kid, there was a Dunkin Doughnuts and/or Mister Doughnuts in Fargo, ND.  I was doing some thinking, now Dunkin Doughnuts also sell and make coffee, of somehow bringing it back to Fargo through a franchise.  Then when I did some serious thinking, I came to the realization that it would be a lot of work.  You almost have to be there 24/7.  I weighed in my age and how close I am to retirement and realize that would be a risk.  I would want to be able to retire and maybe even travel.  If I was younger, that could be a good investments.

After reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, that book talks about people who happened to comes into money either through big lottery win or inheritance.  Some people who comes into a lot of money, usually blow it in no time at all.  Then they are back to square one.  They are so excited about getting that money that they don’t bother preparing themselves for it.

I hate to talk about money especially about my own personal money.  The reason there are people out there who would takes advantage of you once they hear that you have came into extra money.  We need to protect ourselves from scammers.  They are everywhere.  They don’t just scam the elderly.

All I will say is that I recently came into some inheritance.  When I knew I was coming into extra money, I knew right then that I needed to protect that inheritance. First, I get what I needed though.

I did a little shopping around and asking lots of questions about what route to go.  I knew at my age, I needed to look at the more conservative route.  There is a lot of investments company out there.  You need to find one that you can trust and feel comfortable with.

I have an uncle who said be careful of investing in stocks unless you have a good financial advisor that you can trust to help you.

I have a cousin who said to put some money into cd’s because the interest rates might goes up.

There is this former pastor I know told me to put my investments into Wesleyan Investments.  Let it put it this way, this pastor is so cheap, when birds fly over his head they goes cheap, cheap, cheap.  That may work for a long-term investments.  Since I’m getting closer to retirement, I needed to think of a little better investment for my money. So I didn’t go that route.

I did check in on Edward Jones.  They offer a very good package and I almost went with them.  What stop me was I also check in with my bank to see if they have investments plan.  Though and behold they had a similar plan, give and take.

I like more the personal touch.  So I went with my bank and my financial advisor been helping me through this.

I also left some money in savings and also got a $1000  in cd’s, $500 a piece.  When the cd’s comes to the point of taking it out or reinvesting.  I’m looking at turning it into bonds.  My financial advisor will help me do that when the time comes.  The reason for me looking at doing that is because once again more research.  I learned that a person can gets more money for their investments with bonds than with cd’s.

I believe that my folks would be very proud of my decision I made.  They taught us how to make the right decision when it comes to investments.

To all those Trump hater out there, I have this to say.  Pres. Trump been good to me. So far my investments been increasing.  Even my investments through my retirement through Concordia College been doing a good job.

I may worked at Kmart but I have stocks in Target.  I get letters from Sears holdings but I will not invest in it.

We all know why.  I don’t need goes into it, because it would be a poor investments.  Even my folks would agree.

When a person thinks about investing for retirement they must also think about any assets they may have.  If a person ever becomes very ill and in a nursing home, the cost could drain you financially.  If you have too much assets, you cannot get the help you need.  My folks weren’t rich financially but they were rich in assets.  In a way it was a good thing that they weren’t in a nursing home for very long before they died.

To help with cost for my mother’s health and nursing home care, if my folks would had gotten a divorce, the county could had paid more on my mother’s nursing home care.  That is a crying shame!  But that is our corrupt government for you.  Everything they worked for can easily goes up in smoke.

Since they had money and assets, the county didn’t had to buried them.  My step-dad bought a nice headstone for their grave.  They were buried next each other.

On the other hand, when my step-brother, Bobby died, the county had to buried him.  He had to be cremated, which he didn’t want.

When making investments choices, you must also think about nursing home care, healthcare, and even funeral costs.  They’ll eat away on your investments.

As I said in a previous blog for Father’s Day.  My step-dad may not like who bought the farm but he would be overjoyed with the bidding war that occurred in the process of selling the farm.

Our parents put into the idea of making sound investments for our future through their teaching.  They would be very proud with how us youngest kids are doing with our inheritance.  It goes to show that we were paying more attention than the older wilder kids.  The older will goes through their inheritance faster.  One brother, pretty much drank up his money and probably doesn’t have much to show for it.  Sure, he probably had no real choice because the crooked government would had taken it away.  Just like my one sister with dementia, she too is on Social Service.  So be careful not to let the government to get any of your money.  They definitely doesn’t deserve it!

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