What’s that in the sky?

Tomorrow is the big day in this country.  It’s one of the most talked about as of lately.  No, I’m not talking about Pres. Trump or the racial uprising in Charlotteville , West Virginia.  I’m talking about the solar equips that will happen tomorrow around 11am.

I’m not very familiar on this topic but I had readers say that I should do it anyway.  So bear with me on this.  I’m not as knowledgeable on this subject.

They’re making a big event out of this solar equips because it doesn’t happen very often in our times.  The last time there was a solar equips was Feb. 26, 1979, around 38 years ago.

I was in Junior High at the time in Hawley, MN.  I was in the seventh grade at the time.  I was in history class with the teacher, Mr. Haugen, at the time.  Being this was very historical, he took time out of our history lesson to view this.  What he did to keep up from looking straight at the sun, he had the television on to reflect it; that way we wouldn’t look straight at the sun.

If you look straight at the sun as the equips is going on, it would be hard on your eyes.  They advise that you either wear protective eyewear or not look directly at the sun.

Everyone in North America plus parts of South America, Africa, and Europe will see at least partial solar equips.

The total solar equips will cast a 70-mile shadow.

What is the solar equips?

It is when  the moon passes the sun and the earth and blocks all or part of the sun for up to three hours, from beginning to end.

It is an amazing site if you are able to watch it fully.

The best area to get a good view will be Lincoln City, Oregon, 10:20am, their time.  The total equips will end in Charleston, S.C at 2:48pm their time.

For us in Fargo, ND, we will probably only get around 70% of the equips if we’re lucky.  Sound like the weather for tomorrow for us in Fargo will be partly cloudy.

It’s important that you protects your eyes during this equips.  It is never safe to look directly at the sun, except when the sun is completely blocked during the period of a total equips.  You must wear special sunglasses that you cannot buy in your local stores.  You can only gets them with the museum, schools, or astronomy club.

There are people willing to travel long distance just to get a glimpse of it.  They are willing to camp out.

Like I said it’s an amazing site to see once in your lifetime.  Once you saw it, the memory will stick with you for a long.  This happen now twice in my lifetime.  It happened before in other parts of the world.  It’s just our turn now.

Another total equips will enter the United States in 2099.  This one is predicted to enter the United States from northwest North Dakota and stretch through Minnesota and Wisconsin.

So I will probably won’t be seeing it again.  At least, that close.

It’s great to see, so I’m not going to discourage you from it.  I’m just going to warn you as you gaze upon it in the sky tomorrow.  Don’t look directly at the sun without protective sunglasses.  You may or may not be able to take pictures of it.  That might be hard though.

Whatever you do tomorrow morning, play it safe!!  Enjoy the solar equips especially to those who haven’t see the last one.  Don’t hurt your eyes!  They are precious.

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