Remembering Princess Diana

It had been 20 years since her untimely death in Paris, France.  I’ll never forget that horrible event in history.

My friend, Roger and I was on a guy’s weekend visiting Bismarck/Mandan; his hometown, where he grew up.  He showed me his old home place. We took a riverboat ride on the Missouri River.  We then stop in at Kroll’s Diner in Mandan for a bite to eat.  It was there that we saw the horrifying news about Princess Diana on the television.

Before her death, she was being chased by the paparasie through the streets of Paris.  (forgive my spelling there)  It turned into a high speed chase in the night and dangerous streets and tunnel where she was killed.  They didn’t care.  All that they care about was getting their damn pictures for the fake media.  They didn’t care that she had 2 young boys at the time.  As she was injured and fighting for her life, they just kept on taking pictures of her in the backseat of the car.  They didn’t do anything to help or even called for help.

If you asked me, they should had been charge with her murder.  Because that was what they did.  They killed the world’s Princess and Prince William and Harry’s mother.

All they cared about was making a quick and easy buck, by taking her pictures and selling it to the highest bidder for a profit.

Were they charge with her murder?  Hell No!!  They just kept taking photos.  They are the lowest of the low.  They should had been charge and sent to prison for the rest of their life.  They are no better than telemarketer that calls and harass everyone.

Upon hearing of her unfortunate death by those bloodthirsty killer that chased her to her untimely death, just for measly pictures and to make a profit over her.  My heart went out to her sons, William and Harry.  They lost their mother and the world lost a Princess.

I hope those who took her photos and killed her for it are feeling very guilty for it.  They should feel guilty; but I doubt they did.  People like them don’t have a heart.  It’s almost like when a reporter comes to someone house after a person was killed.  I call them bloodthirsty vampire.

Princess Diana was a wonderful woman who loves her sons and everyone else. She wanted the best for them and the world.  Mother Theresa called her a saint and admired her very much.

Yet Princess Diana was a tortured soul.  Not just by those who were responsible for her murder.  She suffered from an eating disorder.  She was tormented other ways also.

Even though she married Prince Charles, he was in love with another.  She wasn’t really treated well by her ex-mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth.  Which you could say kind led to her divorce from Prince Charles.

She was a beautiful woman inside and outside.  She had a heart of gold and compassion for the starving children in the Third World country and abroad.  She put that upon the hearts of her sons.  She wanted them to be Princes to be admired.

Prince William is trying to instill that same teaching upon his kids as well.

Prince Harry may had his shares of trouble growing up but I see that he is turning into somewhat decent prince.

I think some of the problems that Prince Harry had was because he wasn’t able to grieve properly for the lost of his mother.  Both of them were taught that they had to be tough just for a show.  That is no way to grieve!  Prince William had to be even tougher, since he was the oldest, and he had extra responsibility, such as looking after Harry.

This reminds me of my sister, Barb, who after their real mother died, had to take on the role of surrogate mother to the other 5 kids before my step-dad met my mother.  It’s not easy.  You lose your childhood very quickly.

Both William and Harry lost part of their childhood the day their mother was murdered.  Then they were thrust into the spotlight that Diana tried to shield from them.  Maybe that is probably why they had problems; especially Harry.

This was similar to another event in History involving President Kennedy and his assassination.  I’ll talk about that later in another blog.  All I will say about this is that they were American royalty.

Princess Diana was not a princess for England, she was the world’s princess.  She will always be remembered by many.

That is why throughout the month of August the networks was televising remembering Diana.  We should always remember her.  She left such a good vibes and memories for us all.  May her sons keeps up with her legacy as I believe they will.

They are not just royalty for England.  They are the world’s royalty.

Diana would loved her grandkids if she only had a chance to see them.  Then again I believe that she is watching over them from heaven.

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