Who does Megyn Kelly thinks she is?

Megyn Kelly was a nobody until Donald Trump made her famous.  Not many people knew who she was when she was on Fox news, until Donald Trump made her famous.

Now she is the queen of fake news on the leader of fake news, NBC/MSM.  She has her own talk show on Sunday night called “Fake News with Megyn Kelly.”  She also will have a daytime talk show in the fall.  What is NBC thinking?  Do they actually think people is going to watch her spread more outrageous lies?  Do they think we are that gullible?

The senior executive, David Corvo actually thinks that she is the best interviewers on television and that she is credible.

I got news for you, Mr. David Corvo.  She is no more credible that NBC is.

Today’s so-called news reporter doesn’t have the integrity they once had back when Walter Cronkite was broadcasting the news.  This is worse than yellow journalism.

Megyn Kelly lost her credibility when she went after Donald Trump.  She was harder on him than on Hillary Clinton during the election.  Why is that?

The Democrats has the fake news media in their hind pocket.

Megyn, who worked for Fox news, a Conservative reliable news station.  The Fox news should be ashamed of themselves for not putting their foot down on her.

I will agree with David Corvo with one thing.  When he says that they got themselves a winner with her.  She is a real winner alright.  The Queen of fake news.

She easily stole that title from none other than Katie Couric.  Katie had that title when she was the CBS news anchor after Dan Rather, the king of fake news in his time.  Remember when Katie went after Sara Palin?

Katie made Sara Palin look like an idiot to the American people.  A real gem ha?

Sara Palin had a lot of good things to say, but the so-called fake news media made her out to be an idiot and took away her credibility.  Of John McCain was no help.  He left her out to dry in the wind.

CBS had held the title of fake news media for a long time; but now NBC had easily surpassed them for that title.  Now that they got Megyn Kelly and Rachel Maddow on their network.  They might as well have Katie Couric as well, then it could be a 3-ring circus over at NBC news, the leader of fake news.

Fox news has the most integrity of all the news source out there.  But ABC is close behind them Fox as being more accurate.  They have their moments too.

Megyn Kelly is just in it for the money.  She is just going where the money is at.  If the fake news media is willing to pay and you have no integrity; you might as well be a part of it.

Look at Ed Schultes, At one time, he was a Conservative.  He then went to the Liberal news station.  He now is on a Russian news station.

I bet if the fake news media was to offer Mike McFreely a very good offer, he would take it.  He says he has integrity, but I doubt it.  When it comes to money, money talks.

Sure, I hope to eventually get paid for my blogs.  I will try remain true to my integrity and my true self.  A good journalist/news reporter doesn’t make the news, they inform it.  They tell the whole story not just what they want.

As I said, why didn’t Megyn Kelly go after Hillary, and investigate her for all her crimes?  The reason, they feared Trump would become President and they wanted to stop the Trump train.

I used to have a hard time in watching Rush Lumbawl.  I had this feeling that he thought he was God and you better believe him or else.  I have to admit now, that was the fault of the fake news media.  They wanted to make the people believe that; so they could destroy his credibility.  When I look back at what Rush had said, he was right the whole time.

Anyway there are others like Rush who had it right but the fake news media made them out to be idiots.  There is one guy in particular I can’t think of his name, but if anyone knows who I’m talking about, I welcome it.

Stay tune for next week.  When I tell all these whiners out there to just let it go.  Hillary lost.  The people had spoken against the establishment, the career politicians and the fake news media.  Let President Trump do his job!  This is all I’m going to say on this until next week.

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