Let it go!

To all those Hillary Clinton’s lover, fake news media, all those who voted for Hillary Clinton, and even the Established Republicans, just let it go.  Hillary lost, so just quit your damn whining about it. The people had spoken loud and clear.  We are upset with these career politicians who are just in it for themselves.

As I said in previous blogs, according to the Constitution, they are not to make a career in being Washington.  That is what they did, though.  Trump had brought about a much needed revolution to shake things up in Washington.

As I read recently, it’s time to clean up the swamp that is in Washington.  I believe that President Trump will do just that if only the fake news media, the Democrats and the Established Republicans would just let it go.

He already done more good things for this country than Obama and George W. Bush ever did.  He still have more to do, if they only let him.

President Trump isn’t guilty of any crime like old Hillary is.  James Comey lied to the Senate Advisory board, out of vengeance.  The bad part is the fake news is eating it up and believing every words spoken.  The strange things, they are getting the people to buy into their lies.

Come on, the theory that Russia had rigged this election is a joke.  Does the fake news media thinks that we are that stupid and gullible?  I got news for them.  We are smarter than they think.

There is this guy, I see everyone in a while that would give me a hard time, in saying that Hillary Clinton would give the workers raises.  Yea right, the taxpayers will pay for it! She should be lock up for all of her crimes she had committed.

Then there was a co-worker I worked with who actually said, Hillary would win because Pres. Obama had such a great 8 years.  News flash to this guy:  The American people are completely angry at our government and the career politicians.  They want their country back.  Obama was selling our country to the highest bidder, like the Chinese.  Hillary would had done the same thing.

How quickly they forget all the affairs President Bill Clinton had and even the sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky?

President Trump went ahead to put a traveling ban on certain people to prevent more terrorist attack and the people cry fowl.  Even the Liberal judges work to overturn his amendment.  They want the President to protect this country but they try to tie his hands.

Pres. Trump overturn the Asia-America trade agreement, which is a good thing.  Now for him to also overturn Nafta.  He is focusing getting America factory reopen and lifting the regulation that close them in the first place.  By doing that, he is working to provides more jobs in America.

He disapprove any of Al Gore’s so-called “Global warning ” theory.

Even in Europe, There have been Trump like politicians who also been making a run for office and does ok to make a statement; even though they may not had won.

He sets out to fix the mess that is Obamacare.  I don’t think that he should agreed with Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan though.  It could blow up in their face.

Mitch McConnell said, “I’m tired of all the drama in Washington.”

Here is a news flash for you, McConnell:  Just retire and leave Washington.  You are out of touch.  You are one of the career politicians that needs to go.

When Trump set out to create term limits for the Senate and the House, McConnell said, “He will not go for it.”

I actually think Trump should push for it anyway and let the people know that McConnell is only in Washington for himself.

If Pres. Trump thinks he can trust Paul Ryan to act on term limits, I got news for him.  I wouldn’t trust Paul Ryan either.  Since Trump won big in Paul Ryan’s home state, he should use that against him by rubbing it in his face and rubbing that smugness off.

Now Senator John McCain is no war hero.  He is a whining baby.  He is just angry that Trump done what he couldn’t in 2008.  McCain should just go away.  He should just step down and retire.

How about the latest stunt by Kathy Griffrens?  Real immature of you!  You ought be a shame of yourself.  That was not funny.  You should be lock up for what you did.  As Merle Haggard, “You are walking on the fighting side of me.”  You say, “don’t mess with this red head.”  Well, this red head is saying back at you.

What about Bill Maher?  He is so far left, that he is downright a Socialist and a Commie.  He is un-American

To those Liberals, a Conservative is for less government; whereas a Liberal is for more government.

So to all you whiners out there, still whining about Hillary losing the election; just let it go.  You all said that you were going to leave for Canada if Trump wins, well leave!  It would be good riddance.  Better yet, why don’t you just get on a slow boat to China.  I’m talking to you Kathy Griffen, Bill Maher, Whoppie Goldberg, Rosie O’Donald, and all the others.  Matter of fact, save room for Mitch McConnell and John McCain, because they should join; along with all the fake news media people like I mention in last week blog.  Hillary is lucky that Trump didn’t have her investigated and sent to prison for all her crimes.  Lord knows I would.  I would lock her up and throw away the key.

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