Gone but not Forgotten!

This Memorial Day weekend, we remembered those who had passed away.  We remember those who gave their lives for our freedom in this country.  They will always be in our hearts and minds.  I’m forever grateful for what they gave; so that I can enjoy the freedom that we have in this country.

Even though they may be gone, they will never be forgotten.

Some people would even buy Memorial wreaths to put on their loved ones graves.  Even the retail stores had profit over it.  It seems that the older generation were real big on decorating the graves over Memorial Day weekend.  As they are dying off, the younger generation and possible my generation are not buying as much Memorial wreaths.  The retail stores are seeing that and is not selling as much as they used to.

Our loved ones may be gone but they are not forgotten.  Their spirit is all around us.

I’m going to delve into a sticky situation right now.  As I talked about the Spirit world, ghost in particular.  Some may believe in ghost and some may not. Some Christians may not believe in ghost; but yet they believe in the Holy Spirit.  Some Christians may not even believe in angels.  I’m not going to downgrade it.  As for me, I believe in ghost and angels.  I may not really seen any ghosts but I believe they’re possibility.  I have some stories that may back up my claim to this.

I remember, as part of my counseling recovery, I went to the grave of my real father to make peace.  It was around Memorial Day weekend.  The first time I went, I could say anything; but I felt at peace.  It was almost like he knew why I was there.

My mother been dead for 5 years.  The year that she died, I went out West to Seattle by plane.  There was a car accident that I was involved in.  My cousin, Rosie, her granddaughters and I were on our way down Mount Rainer; when we hit another car that was stop.  I believe that my mother’s spirit was watching over us.  That was one of the reason I wasn’t as serious injured as I could had been.  Not only the seatbelt and the airbag saved me; so did my mother’s spirit.  The witness were surprise to because of the way it look, I could had been hurt a lot worse.

That same year, just a few month later, my step-dad nearly got into a car accident himself; when he somehow ended up near Watertown, South Dakota.  I believed that my mother’s spirit was watching out for him as well.

She may had been dead, but she was still watching over us and wishing she could had finally gotten her rest.

The following year, when my step-dad was in a nursing home for a short time, we thought that we should start cleaning up the farm then.  Anyway, one night, I had this dream, in which we were cleaning and my mother’s spirit spoke to me saying, “Don’t throw that away, like she always does.

Then when my step-dad finally died a year ago and we were cleaning up the old home place, I had another dream about them.  There was a root cellar that my step-dad built for vegetables.  In the dream, I entered the root cellar and noticed drawers built inside of the walls.  I told my sister, Shirley about it.  Then we saw mom and asked her about it.  Then when we saw dad riding by on his riding lawn mower, mom said, “It’s time we tell them.”  He never did and just rode off into the sunset.  She then got into her car and left the other way.

When I turned 50 and my Uncle Leo’s, her brother, turned 80, I took a train out West.  While on the train, I felt my mother’s presence sitting beside me.  She would had loved that trip.

So you see, there such things as ghost.  Not only have I experience it, others had too.  My niece, Eve had felt her grandmother standing over her and touching her hair.

I had a cat named, Snowball, who made to 18 years old, that I ended up putting down.  His spirit is still in my apartment.  Whenever my other cat, Tabitha, would act as though she was being playfully chased by Snowball.

There are places in town that been known to have ghost.  There is at least 2 ghost in the Kmart store.  I haven’t seen them but strange things had happened.  One time while working overnight, a co-worker and I was putting stuff up on the overhead over in the infant department.  She thought she heard someone calling her name and no one was calling out for her.

There is also ghost at Concordia College in the building behind Knutson Dining Hall, that is no longer there.  There is also ghost at NDSU as well.  There are even houses that have ghosts in them.  There is a stop on 13th ave. and 25th st. that a ghost been seen crossing the busy intersection.

It goes to show that ghost will go back to where they are familiar with.

You may have heard of the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California, that is/was to be haunted.

Even though my parents are gone, their spirit is still around.  Not to scare the new owner of our farm, but I believe that the spirit of my step-dad is back on the farm as we speak. He is probably sitting in his favorite chair in the living room looking out the window and wondering who is in his home.  whereas my mother’s spirit is watching over the family.

The day of the auction, I could feel their spirits. My mother was busy rushing about worrying what to fix for all the people there.  My step-dad was excitedly showing off all his equipment.

So this Memorial Day weekend, may we never forget our loved ones and those who fought and died for our freedom.  Just remember, they may be gone but not forgotten.

This weekend is also the start of summer and people celebrate by going to the lakes.  So if you are traveling this weekend, drive careful or you too could become a ghost that will haunt those you left behind.

I hope that no one was offended by this.  I don’t care if you believe in ghost or not.  I, myself believe in ghost and even angels.  Their spirit is all around us.


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