Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!  I know that it may not be politically correct; but I’m not the kind of person to be politically correct, as you can tell from my blogs.

It seems Easter has lost it’s true meaning.  Easter had become way to commercialize, like a lot of these holidays out there.

Easter is suppose to be a time to remember that Jesus Christ had rose from the dead and reigns in Heaven until the undetermined time of His return.  He conquered death and Satan, so that we can have victory.  He will return again.  Jesus is alive!!

To all you skeptics out there that may be reading my blogs, and I know there are probably a few, I’m not apologizing for this blog.  Peace be with you also!

Some may say that Jesus was just a prophet.  There is no reason to really celebrate Easter.  If that’s the case, why do we do it?  Can’t be the Easter bunny?  Anymore than it can be Santa Clause to why we celebrate Christmas?

Easter, just like Christmas has become too commercialize.  The retailers are capitalizing on this holiday as well.  It just another holiday for an excuse to spend money.  As though we need an excuse.

It seems every year people have to buy a new Easter outfit for church, clothes and shoes.

Speaking of church, it seems the only time church really gets filled is around Easter, Christmas, wedding, and a funeral.  Especially, if you are from a Lutheran or Catholic background.  There are people who does go to church every Sunday.  It just during those time more people flock to church than ever.

When I was a child, the only time my folks went to church was for Easter, Christmas, wedding, and a funeral.  Before my mother died she went to church more often and became saved and a believer.

Another thing about Easter and retail is that it’s similar to Halloween.  How, you may ask?  Look at how people goes out of their ways to buy Easter candies and baskets.  Rabbits don’t lay eggs, chicken do; but somehow rabbits gets associated with Easter eggs around Easter time.  People would die Easter eggs after they boiled them.  Then they would hide them for the kids to find.  Or they would put them in an Easter basket.  There is just another reason to buy candies for Easter.

My mother loved those peeps.  To me they are way to sweet.  I loved the malted eggs, jelly beans, or the small chocolate eggs candies.  This year, I didn’t buy much Easter candies though.

When people think Easter, they think Spring and the end of winter.  So they celebrate. Jesus is the last things from most people mind.  They want new clothes, spend time with the family, they do major spring cleaning, and even start planning a garden.  In the 1800’s, the ladies would have to get a bonnet to wear to church on Easter Sunday.

With my family, growing up, my mother would buy us new outfit for Easter that we would wear to church the first time.  She would get Easter basket with candies for us kids.  Sometimes she would hide them and other times she would just put them on the kitchen table.  She would baked ham for Easter dinner. While it was baking in the oven, the whole family would go to church.

I remember, one Easter, my mother took us kids to St. Mary’s Catholic church in North Fargo, right on Broadway.  There was five that she took, the 2 oldest wasn’t there.  Maybe she only did it one time because we were too much to handle, by herself, or else we started going to a Lutheran church.  The reason we went to St. Mary than, the Bishop was there doing the service then.

Also around Easter time, usually was dad’s birthday and my sister, Bonny’s birthday; so she would also have a birthday cake to celebrate their birthday as well as Easter.  We even celebrate her birthday at the same time, when the family got older.  It was time for the family to get together.

As Easter became a time  for buying new clothes, housecleaning, gardening, and merrymaking.  Let us think rather in terms of what Easter really means for our lives as we face the uncertainties of a chaotic world. Easter isn’t about all that.  It’s about Jesus and the fact that He’s alive!

I remember when bars were closed on Good Friday.  Now it’s just another Friday.  Like Easter is just another Sunday.  This past weekend, there was a concert at the Fargo Dome right on Good Friday.  It was a good concert.  I worked it.  Lee Brice and Dustin Moore were there performing with Brett Young.  Years ago before bars were open on Good Friday, that would never happen.

So you can see, time is a changing.  People are getting away from the Lord and church.  As this happen more and more, the end can’t be far off.  Jesus will return again.  As Reba McEntire sings, “We must get back to God.”

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