WWE: Is it real or just a show?

I like wrestling as much as anyone; but there is something about WWE that makes a person wonder.  Is it real or fake?

What they do in WWE is more for entertainment purpose.  In a real wrestling match in high school and college they don’t go as overboard as they do in WWE.  They don’t use a chair or any other objects in the wrestling match.  It’s just two people wrestling on a mat.

I went out for wrestling back in the 4th or 5th grade.  I didn’t really get a chance to compete, because I became sick and missed out on a lot of trainings before the tournaments.

I remember my mother telling me how much she loved watching midget wrestle.  She said, “it was fun to watch.”

That is what watching wrestling on WWE is just pure entertainment.  Those wrestlers are showman.  They are there to entertain us.  They’ll go all out to do that to.  Starting with psyching their opponents out.  They’ll use whatever means there is to win.

Some wrestlers is even on steroids.  Now steroids is on dangerous drug.  It can wreck your body and your mind.  I don’t understand why people choose to use steroids.  When just working out is the best way.  They just want to be bigger and stronger than their opponents.

Like I said, “it’s entertainment.”  I remember watching “Dynasty” in the ’80’s, and the biggest episodes was when Krystal and Alexis would fight.  People just love watching them fight. Linda Evans and Joan Collins were friends while filming “Dynasty.”  Men would pay almost anything to watch women fight, either mud, jello, or however.

That is the way it is with wrestling on WWE.  People like to be entertain no matter what.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to meet some of these wrestlers on the streets.  Some are very scary looking.  I’m no fighter!

Yet some wrestlers may just be a teddy bear that they don’t want the fans to know.

Like I said before, I like wrestling.  I was a fan of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage.

A lot of their wrestling match is mostly talk just to psyche their opponents up.

Wrestling is a very dangerous entertaining sport.  These wrestlers have to make it entertaining, just to be famous and rich.  Because they can’t do it all their life.  They do have a lot of physical aches and pain, and even mental pain as well.

When you watch WWE, the wrestlers doesn’t wear protective gear, like they do in high school and college wrestling.  The reason why for the protective gear in high school and college wrestling is for their safety.

I had a classmate that I graduated with who was a star wrestler in high school.  He got hurt in a wrestling match and to this day he pays for it.  He now would get epileptic seizure every once in a while if he doesn’t keep up with his medication.  I found this out when we were at our all-school reunion and were downtown in Hawley during the parade.  He had a seizure right next to me, and I have to admit, it scared me.  He fell very hard on the ground, hitting his head.  He let out a scream as he was going to down.  He nearly landed on my foot.

So you see, wrestling can be very dangerous sport.  So those in the wrestling field have to do whatever it takes to make it entertaining, so people would enjoy watching it.  They are trying to make a quick living, because they know deep down that they can’t do it forever.

When their wrestling career is over they have to find something else to, if they aren’t killed or injured real bad.  Jesse Ventura became an actor and the governor of Minnesota.  He now does the talk show circuit.

Wrestling isn’t the only thing hard on a person, so is boxing.  Mohammed Ali was the greatest boxer ever, in my lifetime.  Look at what happened to him.  He came down with Parkinson’s Disease, until his death recently.  He would be truly missed.

So what do you think?  Is wrestling on WWE real or pure entertainment?

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