Craig Cobb: A Monster or a Wounded Individual

This blog is more local.  You have been hearing in the news lately about Craig Cobb and his neo-Nazism thinking.  He even purchase an old church building in Nome, North Dakota; in which to start his own cult, so-to-speak.  You also heard that the church mysteriously burned down.

He is a racist pig in my book.

As I mentioned in previous blogs, I don’t like the illegal immigrants coming into this country.  Or them coming into the country and can’t speak English.  But if they come into this country legally and learned our language and culture, I’m find with that.  America was founded by the melting pot theory.  We all started out as immigrants.  The only natural born American citizen was the Native Americans.  He must had forgotten that.

Is he a monster or a wounded individual?

If you know anything about the history of Adolf Hitler, you would remember that he was labeled a monster.  Did you know that when Adolf Hitler was a kid in school, he had a Jewish teacher that was abusive toward him.  That was one of the reason he hated the Jews.

I wonder if maybe, Craig Cobb had a similar experience to make him the he is.

I mean, it’s all possible.  He’s from that generation Martin Luther King Jr. “I had a Dream”, speech.  I remember a lot when I was growing up, all the racist comments made by my step-dad.  But that don’t make me a racist; anymore than his comment on women makes me a sexist.

Even though, my step-dad came across as racist, he still voted for Obama over Hillary or even McCain.

In my book, the Neo-Nazism and KKK are way worst than the Militia in Montana.  The Militia is only trying to take back America for the people from the Government.  Yet the government seems to attack them more.

The Neo-Nazism and KKK have to hide their face by wearing sheets.  Believe me, they should to.  They should hide in shame for the shame they put on America.

Some of you may think that I’m pretty brave right now.  I’m going to tell you of a nightmare I had when I was a kid.  In the nightmare, I was in Detroit Lakes and I witnessed the KKK mistreating a black guy.  So I went up there and told them to knock it off.  They first asked, “Who I was?”, and then started chasing me.  I woke up scared and was afraid to go back to sleep.

Craig Cobb is giving Trump credit for his popularity right now.  Trump has nothing to do with him being a monster.  I don’t believe Trump is as much as a racist as Cobb is.  That church he was going to start in Nome, ND, he was going to name it after Trump.  Pres. Trump should put his foot down on Cobb.

I don’t know what started the fire in Nome but say, “good riddance.”  He doesn’t love America the way he does.  If he did, he would love all race.

If he wants to blame anyone for this mess though, he can blame Pres. Obama.  Pres. Obama had a chance to really make a difference in this country.  Instead, under Obama, we had more racial uprising than ever.  Obama wasn’t what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind with his “I had a Dream” speech.  He could had but he brought out more racial tension instead.

So who is really to blame for Craig Cobb?  Is he a monster or a wounded individual?  Is society or his childhood responsible for his behavior?

I may seem brave for writing this blog.  I have this thought, if anything happen to me, you probably can guess what happen to me.  I piss the wrong person off.  Believe me, I knew a person who was a member of the KKK, but that was years ago.

So Mr. Craig Cobb and all your so-called friends, in the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

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