Big Brother is watching: Part 2

As I mentioned in last week, this would be a two part blog.  Big brother is watching us.  The Federal Government had gotten too big for it’s own good.  In “1984”, the government also had gotten too big.

Our Forefathers were afraid of this happening too.  The Federal Government job was to oversees the state and local government and to protect the country, and that’s all.  But these career politicians been enjoying the power that comes with it.

One of things that Pres. Reagan tried to do was to give the power back to the state and local government; where it belongs.  We shouldn’t have to pay federal income tax.  We need to eliminate the IRS.  We need a flat tax rate.  It’s not the federal government to worry about healthcare; but rather the state take care of their own people.

Obamacare is a mess!   We needed better health insurance, but there is just too many flaws in Obamacare.  People shouldn’t be force into it.  To fix the problem is very tricky though.

Paul Ryan had a healthcare bill that could be worse than Obamacare if it didn’t work out.  Even Pres. Trump realize it.  To fix the problem, a person must be very careful.  A perfect analogy is, it’s like cutting a wire on a bomb.  If you cut the wrong wire, the bomb could blow up prematurely.  Trump realize that.

I don’t know if anyone seen the movie on the internet called, “Thrive, the Movie”,  by Mr. Proctor.  He also talked about the government becoming too big and corrupted.  He mentioned that Pres. Thomas Jefferson was the first president that did not want the Federal Reserves in this country.  The Federal Reserves came here from France.  Jefferson saw that organization as being corrupted.  Pres. John F. Kennedy was the last President to be against the Federal Reserves.  Some may even say was the reason why he was assassinated.  When you take on a big organization, you are somehow killed or disappeared.  Kennedy was a Nationalist, and today’s Democrats wouldn’t accept him.

President Reagan had faced opposition from the Democrats, his own party and even the press.  He was a Nationalist, just like Pres. Trump.

In “1984”, anyone who took on the organization called the Big Brother faced opposition.  The watchdogs for big brother was the media.

You can say what you want, but it seems that the media, the press is the watchdog for our corrupted big government.

When I took journalism class, we were taught that a good reporter are to ask the 5 w’s, who, what, where, when, and why.  Do they do that?  Hell no!!  The news media doesn’t inform the news, they make the news.  They’ll the words around just to suit them.  I wouldn’t doubt that they are on the government payroll, just like in “1984”.  They are very leftist media.  They never went after Hillary like they did Trump.

The last great reporter was Walter Cronkite.  He reported the news with integrity and honesty.  We always had yellow journalism throughout history.  It just had gotten worst once Cronkite retired.  Dan Rather was mild to what we got now.  CBS was criticize for being very liberal, but that’s nothing. Look at MSN, NBC news.  They are even worse that Rather.  Rachael Maddow, she needs to be taken out behind the barn and taught what it means to have integrity as a reporter.  I mean, throughout the election coverage, she didn’t want to even think of Trump winning.  Then when Trump won, the smirk was wipe off her face.

I could go on forever on these fake news reporters and name them one by one.  But I will save it for a later day and right the opportunity.

I admire Pres. Trump for sticking it to the man.  I admire the way he goes after the media, the Established Republicans and the Democrats.  Keep up the good work!  You got balls!  We need more people like you.

If you noticed my blogs, I too stick to the man.  I’m just not as vocal as Trump.  Some may say, there goes that angry blogger again.  Who is he gonna attack this time?  Yet people seems to really enjoy those type of blogs.  There are more viewers for them, then there are for the softer blogs.

At times, I tell myself, I should try to be kinder.  That’s not me though.  I got to be me!  I’m not going to sugarcoat the truth.  I don’t think you would want me to either.  I, too is a nationalist.  I want to make America great again.  I want to give America back to the people and out of the corrupted Federal Government.  If the big brother is reading this, and I know they are.  I’m ready and I’m not alone, anymore.  Thanks to Pres. Trump, there are more of us and we are becoming stronger.  We don’t want to be a one world government, like in Europe, or in the book, “1984.”  We want our country back to what our forefathers had intended the government to be.  They would not be very thrilled to how corrupted they have become.  George Washington would even want his name take off Washington DC as corrupted as they are.


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