Oprah for President!!!

This is not the first place you’ll read this. Almost 2 weeks ago, Oprah Winfry  announced the she is considering a run for President.

Come on get real, right?

Oprah said herself, “If Trump can become President, why can’t she?”

I’ll get to why I think she’ll never become President but first let me say, Time is a changing.  People are getting fed up with these career politicians in Washington.  The American people have been for awhile now.  Trump wasn’t first career politician to make a run for the White House.

If you remember, Herman Cain, the President of Dominoes, ran in 2012 with the 99 tax plan.  He was doing go until the Established Republicans stopped his chances of even getting the nomination.  I would had voted for him too.

Obama ran on change and with notion that he wasn’t a career politicians.  Once he became President, he proved to be like all the rest in Washington.  Got us thinking, “Where’s the change, Obama?”

Not only did Trump ran for President, we a surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, make a run for President as well.  Even Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio wasn’t career politicians.  The 4 of them was beating the Established Republicans in the Primaries and in the debates.

Another reason why Herman Cain couldn’t get the nomination, he just couldn’t stand up the Established Republicans, like Trump was able to.  Ben Carson even said in his book, “They are not supposed to make a career in being Washington.”  That is what our Government did. Ben Carson just came across too nice and I believed that was what hurt him.  I’m just glad that he is the Secretary of Housing under Pres. Trump.

They tried to stop the Trump train, but he was just too powerful and the people were just too angry at Washington.  He drew a large crowd and only spoke what the people was thinking.  He was the monster that Republicans people created, and I’m glad for it.  I’m liking this change so far.  I’m liking that Trump is going after the people that need to be gone after.  Heck, I’m doing the same thing with these blogs.

Now back to why I think Oprah wouldn’t make it as President.  More power to her, but there’s no way.

The first reason, the Democrats have what you call Super Delegates and that could make it impossible.  I mean, it did Bernie Sanders.  Even though, he was a Socialist, he drew a larger crowd than Hillary Clinton.  Both him and Trump both drew the largest crowd.  Once again showing the American people were fed up with Washington and wanted change.

The second reason, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful of Oprah, is she comes across as being too nice.  I don’t believe that she would have the balls to stand up the critics like Trump has.  Being nice cannot make it in politics.  You got to have a backbone and balls if you are in politics.

Then again, the way the press is, they might give her a free ride and not attack her as harshly as Trump.  Because the press is bias.  They make the news.  They don’t inform the news.  I will talk more about this in the future.

The reason why I think Oprah wouldn’t become President is.  I think that she might be a Socialist.  I can’t prove it though.  If you seen her talk show, when she would hollered out, “You get a car, you get a car!”  I’m afraid if she was President, she would end up saying and doing,  You get free healthcare and education, and so on.  Who will pay for it the taxpayers.

We don’t need anymore Government regulation and all the red tapes that goes with it.  Just to file your taxes, you got to do the dance.  The one step forward and two step back dance.  We need less Government regulation like Pres. Reagan pushed for.  Trump is now doing himself.

I wish they can straighten out the mess in the healthcare system that Pres. Obama had created.  I’m weary of Paul Ryan’s plan though.  It could still be a disaster for the healthcare system and for the American people.  I’m hoping Pres. Trump has more sense than approve that plan.  Beside, Paul Ryan didn’t do anything for him, why should he do anything for him.

Now you see my reason why I do not think Oprah would it as President.  I do like the ideas that more non-career politicians are considering running though.  That is a good thing that Trump was elected.  He could started cleaning up Washington.

Remember, our Founding Fathers, was afraid that the government would become too big for their own good.  That is what happened.  One person cannot clean up this mess himself.  Reagan started something, but it wasn’t enough.  It needs to continue with Trump and on into the future.  We need term limits for the House and Senate.

If Oprah does it, maybe I should consider a run for President!

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