Bring on the Circus, the Greatest Show!!

What’s not to love about the circus?  The circus is clean family entertainment, fun for the whole family.

These weirdo leftist, the Peta organization wants to destroy it like everything else they touch.  They are no better than these global warming activist.

As you know, Ringley Bros. and Barnam and Baily is no more.  Luckily the Shriner’s still have their circus though.  But for how long?

The reason that Ringley Bros. and Barnam and Bailey is no more is because they were force to take the elephant out of the circus by Peta.  Shame on you, Peta!!

If the Shriner’s circus end, than what?  The Shriner’s does good things in the community.

You all heard of the Shriner’s hospital, for example?

I have another example and I’m a prime example of their good works in the community.  I’ll start at the beginning, when I was born, I had what the doctor called, “A Lazy Eye Syndrome.  My left eye didn’t move and I had to wear an eye patch; which I didn’t much care for.  When I was 4 years old I had surgery at the old St. Luke’s Hospital in Fargo, ND.  My mother was a single mother, working 2 jobs to support us.  She was not on welfare and by deadbeat father wasn’t even in the picture, since he abandoned us when I was 2 years old.

How the Shriner’s got involved was, my mother worked with a Shriner’s member and because of that she didn’t had to pay  a very big hospital bill.  I don’t know how much it was at the time.  I’m just grateful for what they done for me and my mother.  I will always be grateful to the Shriner’s for that.  I’m so glad that they still put on the greatest show on earth, the circus.  Let us do all we can to stop Peta from destroying America’s greatest family pastime.

That is what Peta wants to do.  They do more harms than they do any good.  Look at all the animal research they are involved with.  That is more harmful than the circus.  The animals at the circus is taken better care of than what Peta says.  They lies like the press and these career politicians.

Look at Seigfried and Roy, I’m pretty sure that they take very good care of their Siberian tigers.  I know someone from Hawley, MN, who raised a lion from a cub.  She takes very good care of that lion.  I don’t believe that these animals at the circus is being abuse.

If that’s the case, they Peta should take a look at the zoo.  Especially at the zoo in Fargo.  The last time I was there, the animals wasn’t very well taken care of.  That zoo looks worst than Waphenton zoo.


The zoo was created to preserve the animals and save them from extinction.  They have to have some form of natural surrounding to do that.

Another thing, Peta would like a person to make sure all your pets have all their shots.  I’m here to tell you that is a very bad ideas.

I had a cat, named Snowball, that lived to be 18 years old and only one major surgery in his life.  He didn’t have all those shots and he was born on the family farm.  Before I got him, he didn’t have a very good life; but once he came to live with me, he was happy as can be.  He was healthy, up to the point I had to put him down.


My other cat, Tabitha is about 13-14 years old and she too is healthy.  Once she got fixed, she put on a little weight because she wasn’t able to regulate her food.  I had to take her in to be gloom and the Hawley Vet, told me to put her on a diet.  Once I did, she is now doing very well.  Both of them, did not have all those shots that Peta and the Vets preferred that they have.

Sometimes, if a person has the time, it is better to make your own pet food than buy it. It’s healthier with no added preservative.  A lot of these pet foods are made in China.  I won’t go there but you get the picture.

So when the vets or doctors tells you that you needs shots or surgery, do your research first.  Do not take the advice at face level.  Treat your pets like you wants to be treated.  I believe that animals in circus is taken care of well.  Peta is just out to destroy everything they touch. They are so far out there, that they are out of touch; and they are doing more harm than any good.

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