Can’t complain about the Weather!!

I can’t complain about this winter.  It had been a very nice for a change.  I don’t remember a winter this nice, and I like it.

We didn’t have much snow; even though all around us had gotten more snow than we did in Fargo, ND.  We had a few cold days; but that was expected.  February was the warmest I have ever seen.

Some say, we are having the East coast winter.  I don’t know how true it is.  So if anybody from the East coast have any feedbacks, I welcome it.

The nice the winter has been, I do know it’s not over until the fat lady sing.  We can still get some nasty weather in March.  March can either come in like a lion and go out like a lamb or vice a versa.

You can always expect some kinds of storm during the month of March, the time of March madness.  It seems every time in March when there is high school basketball tournament going on, we get some kind of storm or cold bad weather.

The weatherman may not agree with that theory.  It’s a coincident that happen and they can’t keep denying it.  It likes when it seems to rain on Memorial Day weekend, 4Th of July, Labor Day weekend, or when the fair or ribfest is town; it rains.  Is that coincident or what?

Some people like Al, I invented the internet, Gore would say, “the weather we’re having is because of global warming.”

It’s not because of man-made global warming.  It’s because of the weather cycle.  The weather does change every so often.  That is how we got Greenland and Antarctica.  So don’t ever let the Al Gore people tell you different.

Even the weatherman doesn’t agree with the theory of man-made global warming.  They understand the cycle of the weather.

I have been enjoying this nice winter we have been having.  I have no complaint here, for a change from my other blogs.  Let us be thankful for this beautiful weather and enjoy while we can.  Soon Mother Nature might change her mind.  We do not want to piss Mother Nature off.  There is nothing like a mother scorn.

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