A Change is needed in our Education System

I’m writing this blog in favor of our new Secretary of Education, Devos.

The Democrats doesn’t care for her.  Maybe they are afraid of what she would do to the public education system.  Either they are afraid that she would privatize all the school or something else.

I, myself believe that maybe she would do some good to our education system.  Believe me, the public education is a total disaster.  Maybe she would brings some of the ideas from Private schools into the public school system.

Those who goes to private school or are home schooled are more challenge.  They are more apt to do better in college.  Students in public school are not as challenge.  Private school system have better teachers.

Sure teachers don’t get paid very much; but that is not the issue here.  They don’t motivate and challenge the students like they do in Private school.

I’ve never went to private school but I’ve heard and read about it.  My experience is with the public school.

In public school, they only teach what they want to teach.  The teachers can be very liberal.  For example: I was never taught about the Vietnam War, when I was in high school.  I was only taught about what was going on in this country during that time.  It wasn’t until I got older that I learned the truth about the Vietnam War.

I remember studying the holocaust in the tenth grade and even seeing a movie on it.  Now days, from what I heard, kids today do not even know what the holocaust was about.

The reason Japan does better in technology is that our education system is a mess.  Even Germany has a better education system than we do.

I wasn’t really challenge when I went to school.  I could had went to private school, but my mother chose not to because of her experience she had; being separated from her parents and family.

When I first went to college right after high school, I went for the wrong reason, to get away from home.  I didn’t knew what I wanted.  I wasn’t really motivated by the teachers and even my folks.  Sure with these blogs, I’m finally doing what I went to school for.  The long way around.

I did ok in math until the 8th grade.  That was when I had this math teacher, Mr. Elton, who also taught band.  He wasn’t a very good math teacher. When I had study hall, I would take my math to my study hall teacher, Mr. Martin; who also taught Senior math, and I got it.  But then started working in the school cafeteria; so I gave up my study hall.  If my parents were the kind that would motivate us, maybe I could of had made arraignment to meet with Mr. Martin.

Don’t get me wrong, I had some good teachers in high school also.  My English teacher, Mr. Nelson, was a teacher who tried to challenge us.  Sure he had us read books we didn’t like.  At the same time he would encouraged and challenged us.  Since I graduated in 1984, he challenged anyone in class to read the book, “1984”, by George Orwell, and write a report on it.  I took the challenge.  I’ll talk more about the book in future blogs.  He also encourage me to look at an English major, to possibly becoming a writer.

Elementary school was more about the same.  I’ll never forget back in West Fargo, how they moved me from the first grade up.  At least they told me it was up.  The scary part was, I was young small kid in a class with bigger and older kids.  That’s scary and not very challenging to young child.

Kids are normally active and teachers don’t know how to deal with it.  So they choose to drugged them up and say that they are hyperactive and have ADD.  Some of them may not have ADD, because they are hyperactive; to calm them down for we can teach them, we’ll medicate them.  Instead of medicating them, they should try motivating and challenging them.  It might calm them down and they might learn better and more.

If the students do a report that the teacher don’t agree with, the teachers will have the students redo the report or get a failing grade.  If the students did a little extra research on a topic that differ from they’re taught or the teachers doesn’t want to see the possibility; the teachers will have them redo that report by leaving that important fact out.

I bet they wouldn’t do that in private school.  I know that it’s done in home school. So those who are against Devos, should reconsider that maybe she would work on improving the public school system.  Maybe we need some of the ideas from Private School and Home school into the Public school system.

Sen. Al Franklin has no business to complain about her.  He’s not the brightest person.  There is only one good thing about him, and that is he’s not a career politician.

So let give our new Secretary of Education the benefit of the doubt.  Who knows she might just improve the public education system.  Believe me, it’s needs a lot of work.  Maybe if I was challenge more in high school, I would had known what I wanted in college and done better.

I had a great English teacher at NDSU.  His name was Dr. Matchie.  I even switched to have him as my advisor.  I first did a report on “The Sun also Rises”  by Hemingway.  I couldn’t get into that book but with Dr. Matchie help, I changed my report to one on “The Pearl” by Steinbeck.  He may had been a Democrat and I was a College Republican; but that didn’t come between my education I had from him.

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