Abortion is Murder!!

To those who say that the mother has rights, I say, “what about the unborn baby, she’s carrying?”

Some may say, “it’s only a fetus.”

I got news for you.  That’s a baby in the making!

When a person has an abortion, she is killing a precious little baby.  By doing that, she is committing murder.

A baby should have a chance to live like anyone else.  Where would we be if the Virgin Mary chose to abort baby, Jesus rather than gave birth to him?

I’m so glad that my mother chose to have me; even though she was a single mother.  I was a miracle.  The doctor told my mother that she couldn’t have kids; than I came along.  I may not had the best childhood growing up, but I’m glad to be alive.

I have a cousin with Cerebral Palsy.  The adoption agency didn’t want to give him my uncle and aunt because of that.  I’m glad they took him anyway.  He can do quite a bit and he is a big help in their old age now.

When George Sinner was governor of North Dakota, he had a chance to outlaw abortion in the state; but he didn’t do it.  Since that happened, his health and political career was ruined.  He was a Catholic.  His brother was a priest in the Catholic church.  He even thought about becoming a priest himself.  He should had known better.

Some may say, “what about having an abortion in the case of rape?”

The way the justice system is, “Hell No!”  If they allow abortion only for that, there would be women hollering rape just so they can get rid of the baby.  Then that guy life would be ruin.  The sex may have been consensual but since the woman holler rape, it wouldn’t matter.

They should stop abortion now.  The person who ran the only abortion clinic in Fargo was a preacher’s daughter.  She should know better herself.

Don’t get me wrong, there is woman out there that shouldn’t have kids.  Here is one example: Few years ago, there was a young child that was killed when she was hit by a car in the pouring rain.  I feel bad for the child. I feel bad for the driver of that car.  But I do not feel bad for the mother.  I’ve seen how that mother didn’t watch her child while the child was alive.  The child just ran freely, while she played on her phone not paying a bit of attention on the child.  It would had been better if the Social Worker and the police to take the child away from her.  That child could still be alive today.

If a person don’t want the baby, they should give it up for adoption.  There are parents who wants kids but can’t have any.

There are also women who goes out to get pregnant just to get help.  They take advantage of the Government.  They don’t watch their kids.  They are just ways to make money off the Government and us taxpayers.

If Hillary Clinton would had been elected, she would had put another pro-choice judge in the Supreme Court.  And Roe vs. Wade would continue.

When it comes to planned pregnancy, say no to abortion and yes to either keeping the baby or give it up for adoption.  Give that baby a chance to live!  I’m glad that my mother had me and I’m alive today.  I’m glad that the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus.  Because of that I’m saved and forgiven.

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