When Birds fly over North Dakota; they go cheap, cheap

I’m back after a week off.  I was watching the Super Bowl last Sunday and also was quite busy with other things; so I apologized to my loyal readers.

As the title suggests, when birds fly over North Dakota; they go cheap, cheap.  I’ll try to explain my reason to saying that in this latest  blog.

Our state government officials just doesn’t want to take care of their people.  North Dakota’s minimum wage is the lowest in the country.  It stands at $7.50/hour.  A person can’t live on that; anymore than raising a family on it.  Paul Harvey said before he died, “North Dakota is the only state where people have to work 2-3 jobs just to get ahead.”

I mean, Minnesota; who was in a poor economic state under Tim Pawlenty, raised their minimum wage under Mark Dayton.  Why can’t North Dakota do it when they had a surplus?

Speaking of surplus, what happened to it?  The people has the right to know.  I hope that Gov. Doug Burgum gets to the bottom of it and fixed the situation. He is not a career politician and he doesn’t owe anyone anything.  He done a lot for the city of Fargo.  His wife is trying to show the negative stigmatism of addict, so they can be help.

They need to take care of the people in this state.  They need to raise minimum wage.  If they don’t take care of the people now; by the time those 50 and over either retire, end up in nursing home, or even God forbid passed away, they won’t have very income coming into the state.  There will be more going out instead.

Look at what happened in Wisconsin under Governor Paul Ryan, whole bunch people retire at once and their economic state just collapsed.  Or how about when stores finally were allowed to be open in North Dakota, even if they started at noon.  Moorhead had the upper hand, business wise; but they soon lost a lot of businesses to Fargo.  The reason, Minnesota has this stupid sales tax that businesses have to pay.  So instead of paying it, they left Moorhead and opened their business in Fargo.

I’m not in favor of Sunday Opening but I do understand from a business sense.  I think it did hurt family.  It also allow more part time help.  That way employer can divide up the hours among the employees and avoid paying benefits.  By hiring part-time, they don’t have to pay benefits.

If you don’t have things set up for your retirement or God forbids, your untimely death, don’t expect much from the state or the county.  You won’t get it.

It seems to me that our Government officials, like Al Carlson care more in putting money in the hands than the people that matter the most.  They would rather build a pipeline; which we don’t need.

The way they treat the people in North Dakota, they don’t deserve a say in the Electoral College.

I always tell young people I work with.  “When you graduate from college, get the hell out of the state.  There is nothing for you in this state.”  You can make more money in your field in another state than you can in North Dakota.  I mean, for the same job at NDSU, you can get paid more at Moorhead State and Concordia.

I’m not saying we need to be a welfare state like Minnesota.  They just need to do a better job at taking care of the people.  I hope that Gov. Burgum will turn things around for the state and sees the flaws in the way the Established Government is running the state.

Ed Schaffer knew he had to bring business into the state to attract our young people.  I believe Burgum does too.  They just need to think about the money that will attract them also.

North Dakota is suppose to be a good state to raise a family, but how.  No one is raising our kids.  Both parents are working around the clock.  Sure the crime rate is low and the cost of living is low.

Actually the cost of living is a little higher in Willeston  and Minot, because of the oil industry.  People on fixed income can’t afford to live there.

Our North Dakota’s government was easily taken advantage of by the oil company.  They manipulated them because they were excited about making a profit and didn’t even had a plan of emergency.

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