I want my country back!

How many of you had watched the inauguration of Pres. Trump?

I wasn’t able to watched it as it was going on; but I did streamline it on-line.  I like what I heard and saw.  To quote Pres. Trump, “We’re going to give this country back to the people.  The problems we have go back to the last 3 administration.”

After he said that we are going to give this country back to the people, the camera rolled over to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.  The look on their faces was to die for.  They gave the look as if to say, “Oh no you don’t.”

Those in Washington had too much power and they just abused it.  They are career politician who are only in it for themselves.  It’s so great to see them get what they deserve.

According to the Constitution, they are not to make a career out of being in Washington; and that is what they did.  I enjoy seeing President Trump shocking it to them all, the Established Republicans, the Democrats, and the press.

I have to admit, like anyone else, I was afraid of Donald Trump at first.  Now, I’m so glad that he got elected.  He’s already off to a great start.

He told these manufacturers either they build in  this country or faced a severe tax penalty.  By doing that it will bring jobs back in this country.  None of his cabinet members are career politicians.  They don’t owe anybody anything.  He is setting up to build that wall between Mexico and the United States.  He just signed a bill to prevent anyone after they leave office not to get involve in any foreign lobbyist.  In other words he is going after the Lobbyist.  He turned over the Asia trade act and looking at NAFTA.  Both were a big mistakes.  He will not fund these Sanctuary city anymore.  He is looking at taking away the funding for the abortion clinic.

I’m not too keen on his budding relationship with Russia though.  I’m not too happy with the go ahead with the Keystone Pipeline in the Dakota access.  It may create jobs in this country.

He is already doing more than Pres. Obama ever did; involving creating jobs in America.

They say that we are divided under Trump.  I’m here to tell you, we were more divided under Obama.  Pres. Obama had a perfect chance to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, “I had a dream speech”, a reality.  But he messed that up by promoting racism.  There were more racial attack under Pres. Obama than should had been.

If Hillary Clinton would had gotten in, it would be the same-old, same-old.  We the people are tired of that.

Even my sister, who voted for Hillary because she was scared of Trump, is seeing that he is off to a great start.  Just think, all those protesting against him now.  What would happen if his plans work out and he succeed.  How would they feel about him then?  Remember, people were scared of Pres. Reagan also.  Reagan faced opposition from his party, as well as the Democrats and the press.

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