Going Electric

By now you probably heard that Governor Newsom from California planned on having all electric vehicles by the year 2035, and eliminating gas vehicles and gas stations in California. Well, he’s not the only one to want to do that. The Democrats in these Blue states also want to do the same. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer are just the 3 Democratic Governor who wants to go electric vehicles. Even Joe (You’re all gonna pay) Biden is pushing for electric vehicles. He shut down the Keystone Pipeline the first thing he did when he took office.

In this blog, I will show that this is another crazy idea by the Democrats that will never work. Believe me, I’m all for saving the environment.

Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.

Did you know that he was ridiculed by people such as Thomas Edison? They tried to stop him in his discovery to keep any information he may have from ever coming out. He was the first to discovered ways to protect the environment but his enemies went all out to stop him and destroy his plans.

He sought to create an energy grid that not only harnessed renewable forms, but also accelerated mankind in an economic sense. He believed in the earth’s untapped potential as a ball of infinite energy In 1904, he invented an efficient bladeless turbine. Without the need for propellers to catch air or water as they move in a certain direction. He believed he could power automobiles, locomotives, steamships; and in a more modern sense airplanes and ocean liners.

A bladeless unit would be less invasive on its surrounding environment. Whereas, the wind turbines of today kills millions of birds per year. Tesla’s plan would be bladeless. He called it cosmic energy. He saw the world as a collection of frequencies and vibrations.

I said in a previous blog that all these wind turbines you see is not just an eye sore; but it’s also bad for the environment as well. Birds and other wildlife is being killed because of these wind turbines. Yet the electric company and those on the Left doesn’t want to see it. They are all for saving the environment but refused to see how it’s harming birds and wildlife.

California is known to have a lot of blackout as of lately. If they go electric like they plan, it will just drain the electrical power grid. When that happen, it will affect the air conditioner as well. We all know how hot it gets in California. When these electric vehicles start draining the electricity the air conditioner will goes out; and the people will either complain or may even possibly die because of the heat.

Do you know that electricity also comes from coal? Coal is actually worse than oil. Coal miners have known to get and some even die from black lung disease.

Michigan was where the first automobile was made. Now the factory in Detroit City is being shut down as cars are being made in Japan.

Cars now days are harder to repair than they were years ago. Normally, a person could do their minor repairs but not anymore. If you’re not lucky, you may have to take your vehicle back to the dealership for repairs instead of the auto mechanic. And that will be more expensive.

We all know how cold it gets in Minnesota and North Dakota during the winter.

Well, the cold weather will affects the battery in these electric vehicles. The increased amount of energy needed is what drains the battery, not the fact that it’s cold. They don’t perform well during cold weather. Keeping the inside of the vehicle warm in winter is usually the biggest drain; especially when the temperature plunge below 15 degrees F. We all know how cold its gets up in North Dakota and Minnesota.

You cannot get very many miles with an electric vehicle before you have to charge it up again. They will have to be plugged in quite often while on the roads. So they will have to cut down trees to create plug outlets for all these electric vehicles. We all need trees; not just birds and other wildlife to survive. Trees are homes for the birds and wildlife. They also provide oxygen for us to breathe everyday.

Those in favor of going green by going electric to save the environment; are forgetting the most important thing; and that is the wildlife in nature. They are not taking that in consideration; and that’s a crying shame.

I was taught to conserve energy by shutting off the lights that you’re not using. Well how about as we are trying to conserve energy, let us go out and unplugged all these electrical vehicles we see getting charge. It will conserve energy and save the environment at the same time.

These electric vehicles are a luxury item. Not everybody will be able to afford them, only the rich. Not only are they expensive to buy; but they will be expensive to repair as well, because you will have to take them to a dealership for repairs. The poor working class wouldn’t be able to afford the electric vehicles.

The converters for these electric vehicles is made in China, rather than America. They are making us dependent on China more and more.

To our young people, if you can afford to buy an electric car, you can pay your own damn college student loans.