Notes from the Underground Part 2

As Paul Harvey would say, “Now the rest of the story!”

Last week, I talked about this book and how the narrator was sent to Siberia for standing up against the Russian Government. Anyone who spoke out against the Russian Government were sent to Siberia; which is like prison without bars.

There’s part of our history in the United States that today’s Democrats would rather we forget about. They would like to rewrite that part of history; because it puts them in a bad light. They thinks that they are the party for the blacks; when in reality we know better if we studied our history.

Before the Civil War in 1860, there was the underground railroads. The underground railroads was where slaves from the South would take to go North to escape from slavery.

There were at least 3 black troublemakers during that time.

First, there was Denmark Vesey from 1767-1822. He was a slave who purchased his freedom after winning a lottery and organized an elaborate uprising among South Carolina slaves. When the authorities got wind of the scheme, Vesey and 35 other blacks were hanged, despite the fact that no actual uprising had taken place.

Then there was Sojourner Truth, who was a leading black abolitionist in the decades before the Civil War. Not only was she black, she was a woman who campaigned for women’s rights as well as for the ending of slavery.

Then there was Frederick Douglas, from 1817-1895, a Baltimore slave who escaped to New York in 1838. He became an abolitionist, developed an extraordinary ability as a speaker and published an abolitionist paper, the North Star. During the Civil War he helped raised black regiments and in later life continued to campaign for full equality for blacks and for women.

When Abraham Lincoln became President in 1860, he sets out to freed the slaves in the South; which the Civil War came about. This country was divided between the North and the South. Jefferson Davis became the President of the South during that time. Now Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican, and Jefferson Davis was a Democrat. So you see, it was the Democrats who didn’t want to give up owning slaves. To them, the blacks were not just slaves but property as well.

Today’s Democrats created the 1619 project out of part of the history back in August of 1619, when a ship appeared on this horizon near Point Comfort, a coastal port in the English colony of Virginia. It carried more than 20 enslaved Africans, who were sold to the colonists. So that part may be true; but today’s Democrats and our education system is neglecting the whole truth by covering up the fact that it was the Democrats who didn’t want to relinquish, give up their claim to the blacks that were slaves in the South. They are leaving that out on purpose to lie to the younger generation being taught in our schools.

The Ku Klux Klan was formed December 24, 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee. They were formed by a group of former Confederate soldiers. They had close tied to the Southern politicians still loyal to the cause of white supremacy; which at that time were Democrats. They engaged in a campaign of terror, violence and murder, targeting African Americans as well as white voters who supported racial equality and civil rights.

Senator Robert Byrd(D-WV) and former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black were among the leaders of the KKK.

Yet today’s Democrats have the galls to call Trump and his supporters White Supremacy. They needs to get their facts straight.

During the 1960’s it was the Republicans who was behind the Civil Rights movement not the Democrats; but they want to take credit for it as well.

Arkansas Governor Sara Sanders reminded the fact us of what President Reagan said. The federal government was designed to serve and protect the people and not rule and control them like Biden and his authoritarian Democrats.

This is a form of Socialism or Communism. This is what the government does in Russia and China.

When parents spoke out at the school board, they were called Domestic Terrorists by the FBI, Joe Biden, the Democrats and mainstream news media.

Just like the narrator in the book, “Notes from the Underground.” They would rather silence anyone who dare speak out against them. They would rather control what our kids are learning in school by teaching them lies or rather not the full truth.

Adolph Hitler, when he was in control in Germany, did the same thing. He recruited young boys and turned them against their parents.

Today’s Democrats are doing the same thing.

Luckily, my blog is small; otherwise they would shut me down. To them, I’m a domestic terrorist because I will not conform, bow down and kiss their feet. According to Biden, anyone who disagree with him is a MAGA Republicans, whether they voted for Trump or not. We’re all White Supremacy and domestic terrorist. They would like to lock us up and take away our freedom of speech. If there was a Siberia in the United States, they would probably put us there, like the Russians government do. Luckily, there is no place to be Siberia here.

We are still free for now; but if Biden and his fellow Democrats have their way, we could lose that freedom.

I stand up for that freedom and will continue speaking out against those who would like to take it away. Are you with me?