Notes from the Underground

The first time I read this book, “Notes from the Underground,” was back in college for my literature class. It was a good novel and I didn’t think of anything more about it. Most recently, I read that book again, and got a whole new perspective on it, in today’s light of what’s going on in the world right now. It’s such an impact that this blog will be in 2 parts. Not only will Russia be against this blog; so will China and those on the Left; who is in favor of Socialism. Or should I say, “Communism.”

Those on the Left, they want Socialism over Capitalism. If anyone agrees with them, they should read this book, if not these 2 blogs, the next 2 weeks. This is coming from someone who is fascinated with the book, “1984” by George Orwell. You may even see some similarities between the 2 books.

You could say this book is an autobiography. It’s told in the first person narrative. Something that is very difficult to do as a writer.

The author/narrator is telling the story of life in Siberia. In Siberia, life isn’t very easy. It’s like a prison without bars. It’s a place where anyone who opposed the Russian Government goes as a form of punishment. Anyone who speaks out against the Russian Government in Russia is arrested and sent to Siberia as punishment.

The news media is controlled by the Russian Government, and is only given information that the government wants mentioned, even about the war in Ukraine. If they speak out against Russia invading Ukraine, they will be shut down and sent to Siberia as punishment. The people in Russia don’t know the whole story to why Russia invaded Ukraine unless they happened to catch it on our forms of Social Media and news. A lot of the people in Russia is against the invasion of Ukraine; but do not dare speak out about it.

At least, we still have Freedom of the Press in the United States for now, so they can be thankful for that. If it wasn’t for that freedom, the news media couldn’t be able to express their opinions. Bloggers, like me, wouldn’t be able to speak out against the injustice.

Some people think that Volodymyr Zelenskyy should concede to Russia and agree to a Peace Treaty. If he was to agree to the Peace Treaty with Russia, him and his family would either be killed, tortured, or he could be sent to Siberia for the rest of his life. Some may think that the United States is sending more than other countries to aid in their war. Some thinks that we shouldn’t be doing it. Believe me, I can understand that!

I can understand people wanting to know exactly where the money is actually being spent. This is not about where the money is being spent though.

As I said before, I admire Zelenskyy because he stands up for not only for his freedom, but also for his wife and family and the people of Ukraine. He’s also fighting for our freedom as well.

Freedom is something we take for granted. Anyone who favors Socialism want to take away that freedom we have in this country. This is one of the reason people are leaving these Communist and Socialist countries is because of the freedom we have here.

The war in Ukraine is also important to Taiwan, because China desperately want Taiwan back in their fold like Russia wants Ukraine back in their fold. China is even in cohort with Russia in this take over. China is just as corrupt as Russia. They want nothing more than conquering the world in world domination.

The 3 world powerful countries are United States, Russia, and China; but United States is in dire threat of losing because of those on the Left who favors Socialism and is allowing China to take over our country bit by bit. The Chinese Government is so involved in every aspect of our country through Social Media, the news media and such. Trump had every rights not to trust China like Reagan didn’t trust Russia.

Even the Rhino Republicans is in bed with the Chinese Government. Luckily, there are some good Republicans now who sees the truth for what it is involving the Chinese Government.

Some of these good Republicans are creating bills to stop the Chinese Government from buying farmlands in the United States; especially land close to our military bases, such as the base in Grand Forks, N.D., and in Texas.

They are even creating a bill to ban Tic Tock, because the Chinese Government is using it to spy on the United States.

Most recently, a Chinese spy balloon was flying over our country from Alaska to the East Coast before being shot down over the water on the East Coast. Why did it take so long for the Biden’s administration to shoot it down? The excuse they gave was because they didn’t want to affect the people. Come on, man, you had wide open spaces in Montana and North Dakota to shoot it down. Both Reagan and Trump would had it shot down then.

The truth to why they didn’t shoot it down earlier was because Joe Biden is compromise with the Chinese Government. In other words, he is in bed with them; much like the Rhino Republicans as well: like Mitch McConnell for example.

If you want to help the people in Ukraine fight for their freedom, instead of sending money; why not stop buying from China and Russia. Those on the Left won’t do that though. They’re too afraid to stand up to Russia and China. Biden proved that he is week and feeble. He proved that him and his son, Hunter are in bed with Russia and China.

People in these Socialist countries cannot even worship in public. They have underground churches because they have to hide to worship. Missionaries are not safe to spread the Gospel. That could easily happens here if we’re not careful.

Be thankful for the freedom we have. Be thankful for the freedom to speak out and to be able to worship without fear. In the end time we could lose that freedom and be persecuted for it. The book “1984” could become a reality then.

My question is: where would Siberia be in the United States? Will it be in Alaska, Montana, or North Dakota?

It’s slowly happening already. Anyone who speaks out against the government, especially the Democratic party, or even Chinese Government are being persecuted and arrested for hate crimes. They are also being cancelled by cancel culture.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga next week in part 2 of this blog post; in which we look at our history. Don’t take my words for granted, read the book, “Notes from the Underground” for yourself. I got more out of the book the second time than the first time.