Making of a Star

How many of you have performed for a talent show either in school or wherever?

American Idol wasn’t the first talent show out there. Before the American Idol, there was Star Search. At least 2 stars came out of Star Search that I can remembered. They are Sawyer Brown and Rosie O’Donnell.

Stars even came out of the Mickey Mouse club, even before Brittaney Spears and Justin Timberlake. One of the big stars was Annette Funicello and Hayley Mills.

Can you name stars that came out of American Idol? I can for the first 10 years, when they were first on Fox. To be honest, since they returned to ABC, I cannot named one star that came out of American Idol. I’ll go into that reason later but now let go into when American Idol first begun.

The judges back then on American Idol were, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson. Some say that Simon was cruel; when he was bitterly honest. When you are trying out for a talent show, you have to be brutally honest. You cannot sugarcoat the truth. They need to know the truth before actually making a record and going on tour. If they stinks, nobody will buy their cd’s or go to their concert. They can’t be like grandma saying to their grandkids, “Oh you’re so good,” when they’re really not.

The 2 most popular singers who came out of American Idol are (drum rolls please!) Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. They probably sold the most and made the most money. Plus, they are both great singers too.

The second season of American Idol, Clay Akins, was a runner up became a star in his own.

The year that Fantasia won the American Idol, was also a year for Jennifer Hudson. Fantasia was the fan favorite but Jennifer Hudson went on to win an Oscar and outperformed Fantasia.

Kelly Pickler, who took 6th place on American Idol 5th season. The same season that Bucky Covington was in also. If you ask me, I’d say that Bucky was better than Kelly. I didn’t really care for kelly’s voice.

Chris Daughtry, who was on American Ido went on to performed with his band, Daughtry. Adam Lambert, who was a runner up because he had great stage performance went on to be the new lead singer for Queen, replacing Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS.

Katherine McPhee, who was a runner up went on to become an actress as well as marry David Foster, who was quite a bit older than her.

Mandisa, who didn’t win American Idol was compared to Fantasia.

The last 2 stars that came out of American Idol that I can remembered are Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. After them, the show was over in my book. I don’t know anyone who made it big in the new American Idol. Do you? The judges are just way too nice.

I mean, Luke Bryan, is one of the nicest country singer out there, even nicer than Blake Shelton. When I saw an YouTube video of his concert, the fans were chanting, “Fuck You, Biden!” Luke Bryan didn’t do anything to stop or encourage it; instead he just smiled in his nice ways saying, “Now that’s not nice.” So you couldn’t take him seriously.

Can you tell me any new stars that came out of the Voice? I cannot name one star. They say that Blake Shelton had the most winner, but who are they and where are they now?

Sure before the Voice, Blake Shelton was a judge to another talent show in which he discovered his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert; but that’s about it.

Simon Cowell had discovered more stars with his brute honesty. He discovered the group, One Direction and Susan Collins. Now Simon Cowell is back as a judge on America’s got Talent. I have this to say, since he became a father, fatherhood had soften him a little.

Terry Fator, a ventriloquist and impressionist was a big winner from America got Talent, discovered by Pierce Morgan.

Everyone has some kinds of talent, being singing, telling jokes, dancing, writing, or even acting. Don’t ever give up on your dreams of making it and becoming famous. There may be some who only have 15 minutes of fame; but some will have lasting fame. There are talent scouts out there looking for the next big thing. Are you one of them?

I love to sing and I even write songs. I play the guitar and the recorder. You also noticed, my talent lies in writing such as my blogs. I have written letters to the editor of the Fargo Forum and few were printed. There are people who told me that I should look at creating a blog to share my opinions with the public; since that is one of my talents. One thing, when I wrote letters to the editor, they would take things out of the letter if they don’t agree with it or like what is being said. Whereas, with my blog, I can be straightforward and not much can be done; unless certain people want to cancel me because what I may say.

Do not ever give up on your dreams! If you have talents, use it. Who knows, you may get discovered. There are talent scouts out there looking for new talents; no matter what it may be. I will be practicing my recorder once again. Stars are discovered all over from on the beach to being a waitress in a restaurant. DREAM BIG!!