A Simple Man

Fathers and dads comes in all sizes and forms. Today we honor them all with a special tribute to the simple man who cherished the simple life. They are the everyday common man.

My family could had been better off financially, if my dad would had patented what he had built with his own 2 hands and his own thoughts behind it. He only had an 8th grade education; but he was a self-taught man.

One of the reasons he didn’t patented what he created was because of his mistrust of the government. This is where I get my mistrust of the government as well.

My dad built the house we lived in on the farm himself with his own sawmill and woods. The house outlasted him; because he made sure that it was done right and made to last. Whereas anything built today is not built to last; but rather made to buy.

Now, the person who happened to have boughten our farm in the auction has literally destroyed it piece by piece. I just recently saw the destruction of our old homeplace and it was very upsetting. The window in the living room was taken out, the siding of the house was stripped. It was a total disaster and a lack of respect. They even cut down the evergreen trees that were in front of the house, nothing was wrong with them.

My dad would not be too happy if he knew the destruction that was done our old homeplace. He would probably roll over in his grave if he’s not haunting the place.

The house wasn’t the only thing he built himself. He built the woodstove in the basement himself. He created it in the shop before putting it together down in the basement. He made his own wagons to haul things such as square haybales and other such things out of old cars or just by scratch. He created his own welding truck that he used to get out to the neighbors farmers to fix their equipment; as part of his own business. He was able to fix up old tractors, combines for our own farming. He made his own root cellar to store vegetables from our garden; such as potatoes.

There was nothing fancy about him. He was just a simple common man living and loving the simple life. He even said that when he dies just put him in the ground six feet under and cover him with dirt. He didn’t need all that fancy funeral arraignment.

He may not had been a Cadillac man but I sure hope that he enjoyed the ride from the funeral home to the church. He would probably scold us for spending too much for his funeral. Even though, he did went out of his way to buy a nice headstone for his and my mother’s grave; it was more than just a marker. He had it built and then later his name was added.

He didn’t just built things for himself, the farm or the family; he also built things for others as well. He made someone else a woodstove also. He made a railing for Rollag Church from the road up the hill heading toward the church.

He was a jack of all trade and master of none.

Few years before my mother passed away, he built her new kitchen cupboards himself from his own sawmill. He even built a railing going up the steps to the backdoor of the house.

You could say that I got my mistrust of the government from him. You can also say that I’m a simple man myself because of him. I don’t have much fancy stuff in my apartment. I’m content to live the simple life; even if I ever win the Powerball or my blog ever goes viral. I would pick the seclusion of country over the city life any day.

He would had been totally surprised at how much the farm went for at the auction and the bidding war. Both him and my mother wouldn’t like who ended up getting the farm. They would had preferred someone else in the neighbor.

He never had a credit card. Whenever he wanted something that he couldn’t build himself, he saved up for it. He was very big on savings. You could say he was a Conservative; even though he never affiliate himself with any political party. He voted for the person instead of the party.

To all the fathers and dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!! It’s alright to be a simple common man; nothing wrong with that. I have more respect for those who just cherish the simple life and simple things in life. You don’t need anything fancy to impress someone. Just be yourself!

It sure would had been nice to have been better off financially than what we were; but children from rich family are starving for love and affection from their parents. They have this entitlement issues instead. They have everything but the actual love.

I have to say there was love even though he never really expressed it. I was taught to appreciate what I have and to be content.