Reagan: The Reason I became a Republican

Ronald Reagan became President after the 1980 election after he defeated Jimmy Carter. He was the first President to have been married twice and divorce. He was an actor from Hollywood back when good things came out of Hollywood. He was the oldest President elected; who was older than William McKinley when he was elected. Now Biden is older than what Reagan was.

Reagan didn’t comes from money as so many politicians had. One of his first job was as a lifeguard. He first married actress Jane Wyman and they had 2 kids: Maureen and Michael Reagan. Actually Michael was adopted by Ronald and Jane. Their kids were probably more Conservative much like them.

Ronald Reagan was a Democrat before becoming a Republican. He voted for FDR for President. What he said to why he switched to being a Republican was the fact that he didn’t leave the Democratic party, they left him. In other words their values didn’t match up.

I believe that both John F. and Robert Kennedy wouldn’t be accepted by today’s Democrats much to the same way. They both were too Conservative for today’s Democrats.

Since Ronald Reagan had political dreams, his wife, Jane Wyman didn’t had the same dream as he did; so they soon divorce. Then Ronald met his second wife, Nancy Davis while on a movie set. She became the love of his life, and they were married up to his death. They had 2 kids as well. There names were Ronny Jr. and Patty Davis. They were more Liberal than Maureen and Michael. I would say that they were kind of wild; much like George W. and Laura Bush daughters, Jenna and Barbara. Patty was a thorn in Nancy’s side so-to-speak, with her wild living. Whereas Ron Jr. appeared on Saturday Night Live dancing in his briefs playing a broom like a rock ‘n’ roll guitar in a takeoff from the movie “Risky Business.” So you could they were an embarrassment.

When Reagan was elected President inflation was at an all-time high because of Jimmy Carter. It never had been that high until now under Biden; which inflation is even a little higher. Plus gas prices were also high and there was long line at the gas pumps as well. Another thing that hurt Carter and helped Reagan was the fact of the Iranian hostages that was taken during Carter’s Presidency. Carter didn’t or couldn’t do anything about it when he was in office; making him weak and the worse President up until now as Biden had taken the title away from him in a short time.

Now Ronald Reagan wasn’t part of the Established Republicans, so he had difficulties within his own party; much like Donald Trump did. Reagan also had the same problems with the Democrats and the news media. They hated Reagan like they hated Trump today. The only difference, Reagan had more tact than Trump. He was able to used his sense of humor in his favor. I don’t think he would be able to do that today though.

Reagan made quite a few movies, was President of the Screen Actors Guild, and the Governor of California all before becoming President. His 2 most famous movies were “Bedtime for Bonzo” and “Knute Rockne.” Bedtime for Bonzo, the media made that one famous to ridicule him when he was President. Whereas a line from Knute Rockne was, “Win one for the Gipper!” He used that line himself whenever he wanted to get something passed Congress and the Senate.

Even though George Bush was Vice-President under Reagan, they really didn’t get along. Reagan didn’t fully trust Bush, their policies were different. Much like John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. The only reason Reagan had Bush as his running mate was because he wanted to show unity within the Republican party.

When Reagan was President, Tip O’Neill was the Speaker of the House. Now O’Neill was a Democrat; yet they had the utmost respect for each other despite being from 2 different political party. They were friends as well. It’s unheard of today!

I remembered the day when Reagan was shot. I was in my 5th hour class when the Principle, Mr. Pederson came over the intercom to say, “Pres. Reagan was shot and school was dismissed.” When I got home, my mother was watching the news on TV and I could swear there was a tear in her eyes when she saw the news. I think it reminded her of when Kennedy was killed.

Thank goodness, Reagan survived the assassination attempt! He joking said to Nancy, “I forgot to duck!”

In 1984, the year I was able to vote for the first time, was the year I became a Republican; all because of Reagan. Reagan had the charisma to attract the young people as well. Not only was he Conservative; he was anti-government. He even said, “The Government isn’t the solution, they are the problems.”

Even though I was a young college Republican, I had a professor who was a Democrat and a state Senator. His name was Dr. Thomas Matchie. Back then we had respect for each other and he even became my advisor. Because of Dr. Matchie, I do more reading today; so that I can come up with ideas for my blog and able to give readers the facts, the whole facts.

There isn’t that kind of respect on college campuses today for anyone who happens to be a Republican. Most of the college professors are Liberals. There is a lot of hatred for anyone who is a Conservative Republican on college campuses and abroad. Look at ANTIFA for example. Yet the Leftist news media blamed Trump for the hatred. It’s not Trump fault, believe me! He just stood up to them; much like Reagan did in his days; except Reagan did it with a sense of humor.

I had a chance to see Reagan in person back in 1986 when he came to Grand Forks on the UND college campus. I’m so glad I did too.

Other world leaders respected Reagan as well. Margarette Thatcher had the utmost respect for him as a leader. He was able to keep United States out of war while building up our defense. He told Gorbachev, “Tear down that wall!”, in reference to the Berlin Wall.

His policies was known as Reaganomics; which stood for the trickle down affect. All the good policies he did came through in the ’90’s when Bill Clinton was President. Clinton tried to lay claim to the good economy; but Reagan was the one who deserved the credit for it.

In 1984, Reagan ran for reelection against Walter Mondale, who was the Vice-President under Carter. So he had 2 strikes against him. #1 was Reagan’s popularity and #2 was Carter’s unpopularity. They even tried to used Reagan’s age against him; but it only backfire when he said, “I will not use age to exploit my opponent youth and inexperienced.”

Even though Reagan started showing signs of having alzheimer, he was still more cognitive than Joe Biden; who may have dementia. You can’t tell me that Biden doesn’t have dementia; because I will not buy it. I will put Reagan’s state of mind up against Biden’s state of mind any day, and Reagan still was more stable than Biden.

Reagan was the best President we had in my lifetime up until Trump. I have to admit, even though I like Trump for what he did for America when he was President, Reagan still got him beat. I’m a Republican today because of Reagan. Yet, there are some Republicans I definitely doesn’t approve of. They are the Rhino’s Republicans. Trump brought me back to the Republican party. I wasn’t happy with George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney; that’s why I couldn’t vote for them. I think that Reagan would agree with me. He would approve of Trump but at the same time he would laugh at his mean tweet. He would totally disapproved of all those on the Left who are pushing Socialism. He saw Socialism as Communism.

Just like John F. Kennedy was the last great Democrat President. There was never one that could light a fire to him. He wouldn’t be accepted by today’s Democrats. He would say that the Democrat party had left him as well.