A Mother’s Dream

What did your mother wanted you to become when you grew up?

All mothers want the best for their children. They want their children to have a better life than they had. Mothers would want their daughters to marry a rich man. They would even say not to marry someone like their father; if their father was abusive or cheated on their marriage.

They just don’t realize that daughters would marry someone like their father anyway. While sons would marry someone like their mother. It’s because the way they had grown up. They grew accustom to that type.

Daughters may go to college and return home with a guy, their mother didn’t expect. It breaks a mother’s heart when that happen.

Sometimes, a mother would give up their child; so the child can have a better life, one they cannot give them.

Now that’s better than not having the baby at all. Yet at the same time, they could end up even having a worse childhood than thought possible.

My mother always wanted to be a nurse; but she had to dropped out of school after her father was killed by a train, to help take care of her baby sister, Jo-Anne. She even had a chance to go to Germany with a guy who was in the military; but her mother wouldn’t sign, since she was not quite 18.

My mother’s dream for me was to become a lawyer for some reason. Now can you imagine me as a lawyer?

Even though mothers have big dreams for their children; why is it so hard for them to let them go when that time comes? They do all they can to hold onto their child and the memories of their childhood. They would save whatever they can that hold special memories of their child, just to hold onto them for as long as they can.

My mother kept my old cub scout shirt, high school graduation gown and even my baby blanket.

I love my mother very much. I miss her; but she was a pack rat.

Deep down she didn’t want to let us kids go because she was afraid.

My mother may wanted the best for me. She wanted me to have a life she never had; yet at the same time it was hard in letting go. She wasn’t able to become a nurse like she wanted. She wasn’t much in really dressing up; because she felt she had no real reason to get all dolled up.

Today was Mother’s Day. A day to honor your mother and her crazy dreams she have for you. It’s pipe dreams. My mother is gone now and so is her dreams not only for herself but also for me. I will treasure the memories I have of my mother. She may not had been a nurse and I’m definitely not a lawyer.

My mother did worked part time in nursing home as a cook; so that’s the closest she came in living her dream of being a nurse. I worked in a hospital myself; so I believe that my mother would be happy for me.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!! Don’t never give up on your dreams for yourself and for your children. It may not comes true as dreamt but you never know what could happen. Keep dreaming and praying!