Defending Tucker Carlson

For those who probably doesn’t know, Tucker Carlson is commentator from Fox news who is under attack by the people behind cancelled culture and Woke. Even Tucker Carlson, himself says that NSA is spying on him. Now NSA stands for the National Security Agency. In which they deny as usual!

Now Tucker Carlson has his own show on Fox. He is a conservative and political commentator. He was born May 16, 1969 from San Francisco, California. He’s a true journalist. Making him 4 years younger than me.

The reason for him being attack is because of his stance against those on the Left, Big Tech, and people behind cancelled culture. They are attacking him because they do not like what he is saying about them, Biden or any other truth being told. They don’t want the truth be told. They want to keep the truth from coming out anyway possible. Because if the truth ever came out, they couldn’t control the American People; in which they want to do. Much like Socialism!

Seems like anyone who speaks the truth is attacked. I was taught by my step-dad to tell tell the truth even if it may hurt someone. Yet they would prefer to be politically correct by not telling the whole truth. They don’t want to offend anybody.

When Simon Cowell was one of the judges on the original American Idol, he was attacked for being truthful to the contestants. They accused Simon as being mean; when he was just being honest. I don’t know about you, but I would rather someone be honest with me than to sugarcoat the truth to spare my feelings. That’s not being mean, it’s being truthful. Yet as my step-dad would say, “we’re raising a nation of candy asses.”

Much of the same way, Donald Trump was also accused of being a bully because he stood up against his critics.

People behind cancelled culture just want to be able to control us anyway possible. They look for ways to cancelled anyone who will revealed the truth. They will do all they can to shut them down and shut them up. Much like Big Brother in the book “1984.”

Tucker Carlson is just the latest victim of cancelled culture.

I got into watching him because there is nothing else good on TV anymore. I would rather get the truth than be fed with lies from the fake mainstream news media. He seems to be a true journalist, who actually does his investigating before reporting the news. Even though he is political commentator and a fellow blogger like me. He just happen to be a big fish and an easy target.

Right now I’m a small fish in a big pond. My blog may be small now; so I can come in and attack them without them knowing what hit them. You could say, a surprise attack; such as Hitler used on Russia.

This make me think of the time when the mailman said that he was more scared of our small dog, Peanuts over our big dog. The reason he gave was because they can sneak up behind you and you wouldn’t know it.

My blog may be small now; but hopefully someday, I too will become somewhat bigger. When that time comes, I hope that either Tucker Carlson will remembered me standing up to defend him, and come to my defense. I hope that there will be someone out there to come to my defense against cancel culture when that time comes. Us true Patriots must stand together and united against anyone who wants to destroy America and our freedom. We must stand united with one another against anyone who wants to destroy America.

So to Tucker Carlson, you got a friend in me. You got someone in your corner as you are under attack.

No one like hearing the truth. As Evangelist Dwight Thompson once said, “Preachers would sugarcoat the truth because they don’t want to offend anybody.” We need the truth now more than ever right now.

Believe me, I never claim to be politically correct and I never will be. I will give you the truth straight out, and if you don’t like what you hear, that’s your problems, not mine. I’m not going to sugarcoat the truth for your or anybody. I will give you the facts to back up the truth straight up. If you don’t like it; that’s just way too bad! Either you will love me or hate me!

I believe that Tucker Carlson is the same way. I got his back and I hope that he will have my back when and if I face the same attack by cancel culture as well. We have to stick together. We’re in this together to protect America, our culture, and our history.