How Quickly They Forget?

Have you forgotten the sacrifices those in healthcare made all last year during the Pandemic? How about those in the front line?

They worked long hours unprotected and without the vaccine in sight. Their lives were at risk everyday.

Last year, people were praising our healthcare workers and front line workers as they went out everyday, taking a risk for us all.

During the beginning of the Pandemic, we had to work unprotected without a mask. Our lives were at risk everyday when we went to work. We never lost our jobs because we were considered essential workers. We had to work long hard hours and many overtime because no one else wanted to work.

They wanted to stay home collecting the free money they were getting from the government. Also, they were so afraid of catching the virus.

I’m not talking about people who still had their job; they just were able to work from home, lucky dogs!

I’m talking about those loafers living off our hard earn dollars risking our lives for they can stay home collecting free money from the government.

We deserve a purple heart for our service during the Pandemic.

Instead, we get this demands, “Get the vaccine or be fired!”

See how quickly things had changed because of those who feared the unvaccinated.

What do they have to be afraid of, if they had gotten the vaccine?

Just because those in medical field doesn’t trust the vaccine, it goes to show that they know something that the CDC and Dr. Nazi Fauci not telling us and never will.

Just like after 9/11 back in 2001, some people want to forget about that unfaithful day. We should never forget that day; like we should never forget our healthcare and frontline workers working diligently, risking our lives for everyone else lively hood.

Believe me, if I didn’t need my job, I wouldn’t get the vaccine.

Chris Berg from the local CBS news station in Fargo, ND was fired because he refused to get the vaccine. He already had another job line up anyway, so he didn’t care. I say good for him for standing his ground.

Doesn’t Biden realized he created another crisis with this stupid vaccine mandate? The crisis of high unemployment, of less people working and more people sitting home. Who is going to pay your high taxes for your high inflation that he is creating with all this wasteful spending that the Democrats want to do?

Who are you going to call when you can’t get someone dependable enough to come to work and work like a dog these long hard hours risking their lives?

Even the airlines will struggle if they can’t get anyone to fly their planes or be of service to the people flying. It’s starting to happen already.

The hospital is full with patient; but not fully staff to take care of them all. They were struggling during the Pandemic because people were living in fear. Just imagine what it would be like once they get rid of all those who refuse the vaccine!

It will be a shamble! Much like in Canada and Socialist Medicine. People will be dying before they actually get any help; because no help will be available.

Yet Biden doesn’t care about the American people!

One thing, Biden is getting his unity out of it; but not the kind he may like. The American people across the country, at concerts, ballgames, race tracks, or wherever Biden may be; they are chanting, “FU Biden!” Even though the NBC news says it, “Way to go Brandon!” The American people all knows what is really being said.

So instead of condemning the healthcare workers who doesn’t want the vaccine, why not thanks them for their sacrifices they made for us all. They know something about it that CDC and Dr. Nazi Fauci doesn’t want us to know. If we knew the truth, the government couldn’t control us like they want to do. It’s all about control to Biden and his cronies.

It’s my body, my choice! I know what is best for my body, not the government. So FU Biden and it’s time you must get impeach for forcing vaccine on us all with this mandate. It’s unconstitutional.

Thanks to all the healthcare workers who risk their lives and made sacrifices for us all. They deserve a purple heart; not to be fired for refusing the vaccine.