Follow the History!

You would hear Biden and Fauci both tell you to follow the science. Well how about we follow the history instead.

I’m going to take you back to the Spanish Flu pandemic and up to the Great Depression to hopefully show you the similarity and maybe teach you a little; so that we don’t repeat that part of history.

The Spanish Flu hit the year, 1918. The difference between the Coronavirus was manmade from the lab in Wuhan, China; whereas the Spanish Flu was natural made. When the troops came home after World War 1, some ended up with the Spanish Flu. We didn’t have the media we have now scaring us and playing on our fears. Our immune system was better than what it is today to help people fight it off. As a rule people were healthier because they didn’t have all the poisons in their body. Of course, there is way more people today than what it was back then though.

After a over a year of being lock up, forced to stay lock down, stay home and isolate ourselves from others; We just grew tired of being coop up. So as soon as things started opening back up and everything started going again, we couldn’t wait to get out and have some fun; and see loved ones once again.

The same things happened after the Spanish Flu, during the Roaring 20’s. The book, “The Great Gatsby was about the Roaring 20’s. Also during the roaring 20’s was the prohibition of alcohol and bootlegging. The league of Christian women and the Government got together to created the 18th amendment to prohibit the sales of alcohol. They felt it was immoral.

It goes to show that when the government prohibit something, the people will want it even more. Thus bootlegging of the sales of alcohol became prominent during the 20’s. People like Baby Face Nelson and Al Capone ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list because of it.

Then October 24, 1929, the stock market crash. What caused the crash were low wages, the proliferation of debt, a struggling agricultural sector and an excess of large bank loans that could not be liquidated.

The bad things, this could happen again the way the Democrats are raising the inflation and giving everybody free money just to keep them from working.

When Herbert Hoover became President in 1929, the stock market was climbing to unprecedented levels. Some say that Hoover was to blame for the stock market crash and the Great Depression. The History book was very cruel to him. In reality, Woodrow Wilson is actually to blame in a way; but so was the circumstances up to that point.

Then came the dustbowl of the dirty 30’s. That came about because of being so dry. People behind Global warning will probably refute this whole thing, knowing them.

This past summer had been a dry summer. Even last winter was mild. The way it sounds, we could have another mild winter this year. As bad as I hate winter because of the ice and cold; the farmers need the moister if they are to plant in the Spring. If we don’t get enough moister in the ground, and it’s continue for a few years much like it did during the dustbowl of the 30’s. We will be heading for another dustbowl. This could be even worst than back then; since there is more people on earth than back then.

Those behind Global Warming will argue the difference though. It’s all global warming. As I said in previous blog, global warming is something Al Gore and his fellow Leftist like AOC, John Kerry, and even Joe Biden made up to their leftist views on this country.

We all know what this all led up to? The Great Depression to hit the United States in 1929 to the late 1930.

We also know what happened after the Great Depression, World War 2.

Where Woodrow Wilson was kind of to blame for all that went down from the Spanish Flu to the Great Depression; Franklin D. Roosevelt is given the credit in getting the United States back on it’s feet.

Then again, it all happened because people celebrating the end of World War 1 and the Spanish Flu during the roaring 20’s. When the government spend more money foolishly like they are doing right now, we can only expect more of the same once again.

Those who wants to destroy our history wouldn’t want to hear this. They will just cringe knowing that it could happen again if we don’t learn from our history. They are trying to rewrite history because they don’t like it.

There are teachers who don’t want to teach this part of history because they just don’t like it. Well, it’s just too bad! We need to learn from our history or we will be doom to repeat it.

Whoever was responsible in creating this virus in the lab, should had thought about the consequences and our history.

When they tell you to follow the science, follow the history instead. By doing that, we can hopefully avoid repeating it.